How Do People React To Racism Video Analysis

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Racism is expressed through attitudes, behaviors which are intimidating or harassing, or beliefs (Ridley, 2005). It is always the belief that one’s color, national origin or ethnicity is better than that of another person that causes racism discrimination. Racism discrimination is the worst form of human intimidation or harassment that affects psychologically and emotionally for over quite a period. Racism is practiced everywhere in schools, hospitals, colleges and even in the most unexpected places like churches. The theory of racism is derived from a video watched where the issue of racism between the whites and the blacks is so evident. Most of the racist culprits are bullies who intimidate others because of their color, nationality or ethnicity. Any person, in any country, can experience racism as long as they do not share the national origin of that country, have a different color or belong to a different ethnic group.

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It has been very difficult in the 21st century to condone racists because the law is very clear against racism discrimination. Racism should be taken as the utmost form of social discrimination offense which should have sanctions which are very severe to deter the practices of racism. Looking at the video on a social experiment on racism theory watched, it shows that racism can happen anywhere even in institutions. Whenever the white guy would see this Black guy talk with a white girl, the White guy would pop in from nowhere and start scaring the white girls from the black guy. This form of racism would be well expressed in both actions and words. The young White man making the racism chants portrays how rooted racism is engraved and the perception that some Whites have on Black.

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For instance, at one point the White guy warns one of the girls that “Jamal” as a Black man should have a gun. In other instance, he would refer to the Black guy as criminal based on statistics that in every three Black Americans one of them is usually in prison. In conclusion, the video presents how racism although a major concern of the American society, still a considerable number of people have never experienced it and do not recognize the system of racism or discrimination based on their ethnicity, national origin or color (Blank,2004). In fact, most tend to protect those who are being discriminated against, become emotionally attached to them and can fit their shoes when such actions of racial discrimination are done to others in their presence.

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