How place affects your experience with the world

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It would be a challenge to retain our sovereignty especially in tribal nations since tribes are subject to influence on factors such as land based on the jurisdiction of the areas that are well known to belong to certain groups. The Oklahoma state in America, which has a larger population of Native Americans, has, and does not have a reservation system although, is federally recognized by the United States as part of its jurisdiction. (“1-Our Place in the World”). The knowledge of self-direction and acknowledging what we stand for again what the environment requires of us is critical in maintaining a balance of power and relations. Strong language skills are an asset that is in charge of promoting a lifetime of both relations and communication and creating a sense of understanding between individuals and their general environment.

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For example in a hospital, a very spacious room with wonderful facilities and a waiting lounge can induce visitors to come and make stand by visits to patents. The environment also plays a major role in influencing the behaviour and motivation to act of the respondents within its jurisdiction. For example, an environment considered being with high crime rates would probably influence the upcoming generation to either be absorbed into the immoral act and on the other hand, if moral bureaucratic procedure is put in place to counter check this perception, the population will have a different view of life. Research studies conducted show that growing up in a room full of light will influence one's mood positively. Perhaps most importantly is the influence that the environment has on the stress levels of individuals this is because the brain and the immune system in liaison with the environment usually have an interactive relationship, which has a great influence on one's mental performance.

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Happiest were the days that the water by the stream flowed with the wildest disintegration. Those are the memories that I hold sentimental and gave a great trajectory of whom I am today. Stories were being made of the existence of then assumed supernatural beings, which haunted for souls at night and devoured any that was found hovering during the odd hours of the night. At first, the impression of meeting with such beings on your way to bed was so freaky that the majority of my childhood was characterized by fear and a sense of disparity. Those were the times that lonely were the only friend I knew. html. Glendenning, Norman K. Our Place in the Universe. World Scientific, 2007. Hayes, Nicky.

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