How Science Fiction is Predicting the Future Place of Technology in Society

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Science fiction depends heavily on the use of technological advances to create a different social system. Works of scientific fiction that date far back as 19th century present various technological advancements. This essay will analyze a novel, a play and a film from different centuries in a bid to identify the representation of technology in science fiction. The essay will also highlight how society has been primed to react to these technological advancements. In conclusion, the essay will answer a fundamental question on the role of science fiction in predicting the relationship between society and technology. Rossum’s Universal Robots is a play by Karl Capek. The play was first written in Czech and premiered in 1921. Due to the popularity of its storyline, the play was translated to English and 29 other languages by 1921 (Adam, 168).

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An outstanding fact is that the word robot was introduced to the English language by this play. This goes to show it’s significant in playing a role in creating certain aspects of science fiction. Rossum’s Universal Robots present an improved artificial creature that possesses consciousness. Through this consciousness, the play depicts the negative effects of this consciousness through the robot rebellion and the end of the human race. Ex Machina goes further to introduce intelligence to artificial life and the results clearly show a robot with human character (Dargis, 1). The robot manipulates and kills humans to escape from its perceived captivity. It seeks to go and experience the world as a normal person. The robots were given the ability to think for themselves as a way of enabling them carry out tasks without the physical input of directives from a human being.

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These robots lacked an emotional capacity as the designers did not view this as a worthwhile addition. The play states that the robots worked harmoniously for humans over a period of time. This proved their worth as they made work easier for human beings. More robots were produced and with time, they were able to stage a rebellion and outnumber the human race. Once maintenance has been carried out, the robots can work under set conditions for prolonged periods. The idea of service robots is represented in the works analyzed in this essay. The idea represents the realistic need as to why human beings are eager to develop artificial intelligence. The 21st century has presented a new element that is represented in modern movies such as Ex Machina.

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The power of technology goes beyond the ability to possess free labor in industries and environments that would otherwise be dangerous for humans. Even though he failed, his idea of creating life may have been the driving force behind artificial intelligence in the technological era. Every individual, including those who are religious, seek immortality in various ways. This fact gives weight to the assertion the artificial intelligence will continue being explored by humans in the present and future era. Singularity and the Future Singularity has been used to describe the future of scientific and technological inventions. Singularity has been defined as the point where old models lead to new models. Each of these works details the suffering human beings will undergo as they are eliminated by artificial intelligence.

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Ex Machina’s psychological aspect makes the depiction more realistic as the android robot makes perfect use of psychological aspects such as manipulation to gain her freedom (Dargis, ). The robot uses both its intellect and emotional intelligence to meet its goals. The robot does not hesitate in the event it has to kill any human being while pursuing its path. This can be used as a hint to the brutality artificial intelligence will undertake towards human beings who restrict their environment. In this modern century, technology has greatly improved the way of life. The relevance of some scientific innovations has created an adoration towards technology and science in general. This has led to human beings attempts to stretch the boundaries of reality, and science fiction works have been able to document these ideas (Adam, 12).

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