How Stan Lee transformed Superhero comics

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All this contribute to the reflexive nature of superheroes on the social movements existent in real-world situations such as politics and other social contexts (Klock, 2002). Perhaps a definition of superheroes and who they are suits best to start off. Superheroes could exist in real life or could be fictional like Batman in the text "The Dark Knight Returns" but they all bear rare traits of admirable brevity, strong self-belief, and a strong will to achieve the "impossible". Even in real life, we all marvel at the courage of firemen who rise beyond the fear of everyone including themselves and walk right into danger while conscious of the possible outcomes: death or survival. However, superheroes cannot exist in our real world because their abilities are simply indescribable.

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In other words, the writer is condemning mere and literal judgements which occur too often in real life. A conflict arises between Batman and Superman. The main cause of the conflict is the fact that Superman has assumed a role of being a traitor, working for the government. However the text is focused on sending a message that meaningful things hardly force their way which is against the thinking of majority. A cross-reference to previous works and former status of Superman who is mythical and one dealing with corrupt landlords (Miller, "Batman and the Twilight of the Idols" 39) and a close comparison with his current status shows the impermanent nature of life situations, political waves, and social trends. A good example is the movements against apartheid.

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