How the protagonist quest for a transition into adulthood changed the course of their lives

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When they are finally given the opportunity to become adult they realize it is not all that it seems to be. The story of Where are you going? Where have you been by Joyce Carol Oates talks about a young teenage girl who wants to become and adult so desperately. Connie frequently interacts with boys to gain the feeling of adulthood. On the other hand, the story of The Man Who Was Almost a Man by Richard Wright talks about the protagonist Dave Saunders struggle with racism and poverty. The story also analysis the battle of the main character in gaining power. Dave feels that owning a gun will make him an adult. The protagonists in both stories are teenagers who decide to follow a different path that differs from what society expects to become Adults. The result of their action to fulfill their quest for adulthood has a significant impact on their lives. Teenagers goes through an intense and gradual transition changes from childhood to adulthood but most of the time the teenagers tend to rush the process. The protagonist struggles to become adults and when they are given the opportunity to be adults, they realize it is not what they expected and they are not ready for the task of adulthood. Teenagers tends to rush to become adults because they feel being under the control of their family is so confusing. At this stage, the teenagers feel like they are not appreciated in the facility and society and no one is willing to respect and allow them to make their own decisions.

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This situation makes them to look for things that will make them feel like adult and will make people to respect their opinions. The protagonist in the stories struggles to go through the transition process from childhood to adulthood so that they can earn respect from people around them. They decide to look for things and ways that will make them feel like adults. Connie feels like if she interacts with boys; she will become an adult. Connie becomes possessed with her body, and she always daydreams about boys. Connie’s quest for transition made her do various things. Such are engaging in sexual activities so that she can feel like an adult. Dave also thinks that he can become an adult if he owns a gun and he will also be able to gain respect from older people around him.

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he does not want his mother to refer him to as a boy because it makes him feel childish. In various cases, adolescents do not believe that they cannot handle the world is they are given the opportunity to do so. They feel like their society and family members are holding them back from attaining their dreams. When they are given the power and authority they make quick decisions that leads to terrible outcome. Both Connie and Dave are given the opportunity to be adults, something they were struggling to achieve, they realize that they are still not ready for the task. The protagonist in both stories choses an essential path that will help them fulfill their quest for adulthood. Connie who is only fifteen years is eager to be seen like a young mature woman, and she believes the critical aspects of becoming a woman is to engage in sexual activities.

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Connie start hanging out with boys only and she loses contact with her female friends. On the other hand, Dave decides to purchase a gun so that he can earn respect. He thinks that if he buys a gun, he will practice shooting and will be able to fight for hi social class in the community. The decision that the teenagers make during their transition stage may lead to dangerous outcome. The outcome may lead to their lead to physical, psychological and mental harm. When Arnold’s friend come to pick Connie, she tried to resist where during the struggle, she gets hurt on the her knee. it is not clear what happened afterwards maybe Arnold’s friend will even rape her and then kill her. On the other hand, when Dave faces humiliation from the society, we are not sure what will happen to him, maybe he may even decide to join gang groups or even commit suicide due to depression.

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