Human Resources Processes Role and the Management of the Organization Decision Making

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The organization has the human resources that are used to achieve the goals set. Therefore, these employees ought to be the best and appropriate to ensure that the objectives are achieved. The organization, therefore, need to comprehend that it should first seek to deploy the human resource rather than thinking of the direction to take. Taking a direction right before the before to take heed may find that these people would be the first to hinder to persuade the direction. Though the management has the toughest aspect of deciding on what to pursue, the physical realizing is made by these employees. However, it still would not give out excellent results. One may be having a great vision, but with mediocre, the outcome would be mediocrity.

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According to Jim Collins, in his book Good to Great, he asserts that an organization needs to ensure that it has “the right people in the bus” and the wrong one off the said bus (Jim, 2001). This aspect belongs to the management where it needs to know the type of people the organization has. He adds that companies' leaders who move right from good to great commence with "who" and not "where. " This statement is clearly understood from the book. It adds that managing people is an entire waste of time. All a given organization require to do is to get self-motivated people. It is, therefore, dangerous to use individuals. It is challenging to manage how to attain the goals and to manage the human resource (Jim, 2001).

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This concept would ensure optimization of the results since the designated individual (s) have the technical know-how as far as the piece of the task is concerned. This mode is a way better than spending a lot of time supervising the employees. It is also a significant way since it depends on the self-discipline one has. In case of a failure, the assigned person would feel belittled and therefore would do anything to ensure the best results possible (Jim, 2001). The Miniature Guide to Critical Thinking, it guides on the element of thoughts. Addressing such a question would ensure clarity as far as operations are concerned. The organization ought to have the information to come up right with a conclusion. It, therefore, has the experience to support the claim it has (Paul & Elder, 2006).

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Moreover, it ought to know the information it requires to settle a given concern if it does not have. Additionally, need to spot the main idea and can explain it should need to arise. However, right before deciding on to which direction, the organization ought to have thought of the human resource first. The human resource on board should consist of the right individuals. An organization could be taking the right direction, but with the inappropriate human resource, the organization will rarely achieve the great good destined. The human resource, according to Jim Collins need no motivation from their leaders. This aspect is so since it would be a waste of time.  The miniature guide to critical thinking: Concepts & tools. Dillon Beach, CA: Foundation for Critical Thinking.

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