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However, the apostles persistently taught on how innocently he was persecuted, and now He has risen. Due to the stiff opposition, the church was organized into different sections where the apostles played the critical role of being the leaders. The hierarchical organization was motivated after the apostle received the Holy Spirit. Apostles were prompted by the Holy Spirit to move to other regions and preach the gospel (Dreyer, 2012). The church was classified into apostles, interceder, prophets, teachers, and evangelists. In most cases, the other ministers spent most of their time hiding while the apostles went from place to place to preach the good news. The church was further subjected to different ministries which played a significant role in spreading the gospel. The departments were mainly comprised of intercessors; their primary purpose was to intercede for the sins of other people or brothers. They were a particular prayer group who prayed on behalf of other people. Besides, there were deacons, whose central role was to serve the ministers. They played the role of facilitating food availability, accommodation, water, and refreshments for the apostles. Also, some prophets had the purpose of foreseeing the future and bringing it to the present. Furthermore, there was a missionary ministry who were charged with the responsibility of moving from one region to another in search of new Christians. Notably, the work of the ministry was broach in the early church, it also comprised of the apostles, teachers, and evangelist. Therefore, the majority of the Christians took roles in the church and spread the gospel without fear.

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After the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the disciples encouraged more evangelists. The evangelist is the individuals who bore the public witness and played an essential role in confessing the power of Christ (Bruner, 1990). They moved from Jerusalem to the Galatians to spread the gospel. For this particular group, they played an essential role in giving an account of the power of Jesus and highlighting on the mistakes the rulers made while crucifying Jesus. Evangelists played a crucial role in enhancing more individuals to join Christianity. The doctrine was received in Parthians, Medes, Elamites, and Mesopotamia as mentioned in acts 2. Further, the gospel through the Ethiopian Eunuch was also spread to Ethiopia, Acts 8:26-40. The Ethiopian Eunuch received salvation after he was guided on some chapters in the bible. Christianity was also covered by traders who traveled from one country to country in search of more trading resources.

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Moreover, Christianity was spread to Malabar, the coast of South India and some regions in China. The cultures of the early church are similar to the modern church. Early, the church praised God through music and dance; they glorified Jesus Christ for dying for our sins. The music was for praise and worship before the apostles could proclaim the ministry of Jesus Christ. The culture of rejoicing and worshipping before the apostle can preach been passed down from generation to generation. Besides, since the early church, the use of alcohol and abuse of drugs was not encouraged. Moreover, violence and drinking of blood were prohibited, blood was the life of an animal or individual. Thus, when a person drinks the blood of an animal, it is a symbol of cruelty and murder.

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For this reason, when an animal was killed all the blood was allowed to drain before you can eat the meat. After an individual received salvation, it was expected that the individual to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Therefore, anybody who got the salvation joined the Christianity culture. Thus Peter preached the gospel of hope and peace to the individuals. John and Peter targeted the poor and the oppressed in the society and encouraged them to put their trust in Jesus for He has powers to change their situation (Searle, & Searle. Furthermore, they urged people to live in peace and love their neighbors. Anyone with what others do not have let him share among the poor. The apostles further enhanced people to live like brothers and sisters and to have faith in God for He is the answer to everything.

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In Acts 13:16-41, the apostles talked about the Old Testament and proclaimed of who Jesus Christ was. The apostles gave the congregation the history of the mighty works done by God. Besides, the apostles were opening the eyes of the group to recognize Jesus Christ just like the judges in the Old Testament and the prophets who were sent by God. Furthermore, the apostles proclaimed how God used Jesus Christ, and He was his only begotten son and whoever believes in Him will not perish. For this reason, they condemned the actions of the Pharisees and the rulers for crucifying an innocent man.  Acts of meaning (Vol. Harvard University Press. Searle, J. R. Searle, J.

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