Impact of advertising in Snapchat on consumer buying behavior

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Celebs have managed to earn a lot of money in these adverts. On top of that, it is easy to note that companies have been able to advertise their products on social media platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The following is a review of literature that has discussed the impact of advertising in Snapchat on consumer buying behavior. Firstly, Kyule (2017, P. 34-45) noted that there is a close bond between social media platforms and the behavior of consumers. However, the study noted that their fewer Snapchat users compared to other social media platforms. Finally, this study indicates that there is a limitation of using Snapchat because it is not very clear why customers are motivated to engage with sponsored content and that which is not sponsored.

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Additionally, there is another article by Sashi (2012, P. 252-272) which explains that social media can be a channel where firms can converse and communicate with customers and potential customers. It is also on social media platforms where firms can interact and understand the specific needs of different customers. The author notes that in recent years celebs are influential and can be used in social media to market different products. However, the author notes that the celebrities who can be more influential are those who have a close relationship with their fans. Finally, the author notes that celeb endorsement in social media works exceptionally when the targeted customers are the youth and females in Saudi Arabia. Most of the people who could be influenced by the celebrities are students, singles, and those whose income fell in working class (Qabur, 2018, p.

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