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The government tried to prevent an overturn in the curriculum and mode of study by capping the number of schools districts effecting the program to not more than 120. However, recent studies have proved that although the four-day program was instituted for financial benefits, it possesses numerous academic benefits. The four-day program has been proved to bolster academic performance (Hewitt and George, 38). In Colorado, a study that was conducted on the sixty school districts that adopted the program concluded that it had numerous academic benefits such as improved concentration, participation and performance (Hewitt and George, 47). The study showed that for courses such as Mathematics, there has been a dramatic improvement in student performance. This results in more prepared lessons and activities, and improved integration between students and teachers.

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Moreover, the student to teacher ratio is worsening across the nation and thus, more teachers need to be recruited to fill this void (Durr, 22). A four-day school week will be a great recruiting tool for new teachers due to its attractiveness. On the other hand, the four-day program has its critics. It has been disparaged of allocating less time for students to participate in extracurricular activities (Donis-Keller and David, 97). Students benefit in terms of improved concentration, academic performance and attendance. Lastly, teachers are able to get more time to plan their lessons and for professional growth. This program is the key to improving academic performance without straining the financial muscles of the school and the parent. With enough legislation, this program can benefit the millions of students in this nation and make our education system great again.

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