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Dominating the center of California is the central valley widely known as an agricultural area. With a very diverse state economy, almost 60% of this is centered on real estate services, finance, technology, government and business services. The agricultural industry in California produces the greatest results compared to any state in the US, though it accounts for less than 2% of the state’s economy (Walker et al, 2016). Even with the increase of law enforcement on undocumented immigrants and the decrease of job opportunities for low skilled workers California hosts almost a quarter of the US unauthorized immigrants. Illegal immigrants are a population in a nation that tends to affect, economic social and political dimensions of any state whether negatively or positively. This is because of the great agricultural industry that has a variety of opportunities for low education jobs for the many less educated illegal immigrants.

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Statistics have shown that a large percentage of the unskilled laborers in the agricultural industry are unskilled workers (Hernandez et al, 2017). A significant percentage of the illegal immigrants mostly live in Fresno an area in the central valley since there is more accommodation for an inclusive and open culture as compared to other places around the central valley. In this area, political leaders have focused majorly on the reduction of inequality creating an environment of diverse cultures and comfortable living even for the illegal immigrants. Many undocumented immigrants who came as undocumented children have received work permit through DACA (Deferred action for childhood arrivals), though the future of this federal program is very indeterminate (Heer et al, 2018). Illegal immigrants tend to create strain in resources for the natives since they are unplanned population increase that needs to be catered for.

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Housing and other basic needs availability don’t change when illegal immigrants come to the state hence the strain since the few that are available need to cater for a population that is beyond the expected capacity. Housing and employment opportunities are the most affected since if undocumented immigrants increase and are all looking for unskilled job opportunities the demand for this jobs will decrease since the worker's availability has increased. Jobs and housing apparently are not the only things affected in the economy of an increased population of illegal immigrants, the number of the uneducated in the society also increases. This increase can affect the economy if these workers offer substandard work due to their limitation and lack of skill causing stagnation of the economy (Hanson et al, 2007).

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A state controller by name Betty Yee stated that unauthorized immigrants labor is worth more than an annual amount of $180 billion. The labor that undocumented immigrants offer is not only useful to agriculture but also to construction, child care, hotels, agriculture, and restaurants. An estimate of 10% of the workforce in the central valley are illegal immigrants with most of the jobs they do being unskilled and low paying. The contribution of illegal immigrant to the economy is tempting since the services they offer are very advantageous to the economic advancement. Cheap labor rises the potential profits hence economic growth (Alvarez et al, 2000). Revenue impact According to the Institute of taxation and economic policy, undocumented immigrants contribute over a billion in taxation for the state economy.

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Though this seems much the burden of illegal immigrants is great, especially if most live in homes headed by a US citizen. Housing, education, medical expenditure, public assistance services, general governmental services and administration of justice is a great cost. Even if the tax is collected depicting that they somehow pay for this services it is still a drain since the amount gathered would have been more if this illegal immigrants were legal and paying the taxes legally. Some leaders have claimed that making the illegal immigrants become legal citizens will increase revenue but what they do not see is the fact that if these illegal immigrants get to be citizens they will be eligible to certain expenditures that were denied to them since they were an illegal population (Capps et al, 2007).

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In conclusion, the above effects of illegal immigration are a tempting debate since in an attempt to weigh the benefits of illegal immigration does not change the fact that some negative outcomes also exist. Benefits to the economy are a major point of argument for those who tend to argue that illegal immigration is not that bad. But looking at it closely illegal is illegal no matter the outcome. Anyway, the legalizing of illegal immigrants is not and will never be the solution for illegal immigration. The same way illegal immigrants are a burden to the society par say is the same way they will be a greater weight as legal citizens. Hero. "Race/ethnicity and direct democracy: An analysis of California's illegal immigration initiative.

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