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Analysts have realized that the launch of Low Cost Carriers (LLCs) can have different effects on the city. Examples of these effects are cities can experience a full impact causing a decrease in demand for tourism. In several instances, cities find a boost in tourism leading to a launch of the LCCs referred to as the push effect. A typical strategy required to launch new routes to the destination requested by the traditional carrier demands high fares. After the launching of the LCC, there was an increase in the rate of tourism in these destinations. The airline and tourism industries link together to ensure their growth simultaneously. LCCs offer more than 20M passengers and about billions of USD dollars as revenue for the Turkish economy.

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Turkey tourism Industry has become a big industry which is more concentrated in the southern and coastal areas of the country. Tourism has contributed to social economical and unsustainable demand and supply and its market in the country increased and offers a cheap alternative to the expansion of international tourism. The state has favorable tourism resources and holds several campaigns as a source of success for the industry despite the challenges encountered. The industry recovered in 2017 and rose to about 32 million. Istanbul in Turkey is a famous tourist spot in the universe. There are hotels around the city, which cater for both visiting professionals and vacationers. In 2013, the Turkish government said that it would be built the biggest airport in the world.

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The operation used 7- billion euros and planned to have the first part of a four-part plan. It developed their market for the short holidays and operated to the region before the direct flights. TUI fly is the largest foreign Low-Cost carriers operating to Turkey with Pegasus only having a 6% accompanied by easy jet and Monarch. Several low-cost airline carriers are operating domestic flights in Turkey the biggest being the Pegasus to 20 cities in Turkey, which connects Stansted to North Cyprus and Istanbul. Pegasus Airlines which are as a result of LCCs were launched in 2005. It was the first low-cost airline in Turkey and has a fleet of 74 total aircraft. 5 M to 131M. This massive increase of passengers may be the most significant effect of the emergence of LCCs in turkey.

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Due to the affordable prices of flights, 74 % of tourists visit Turkey via air transport. The passengers who use LCC transport spend millions of dollars in Turkey are evidence that LCCs related revenue is about billions for the economy of Turkey. LCCs also have a significant impact on domestic tourism since most cities away from large cities in turkey has a considerable tourist number increase. There is also congestion in the countries historic sites due to the development of the tourism industry. Impact of LCC on Airline/ Airport Operations The aviation industry has been multiplying because of the emergence of LCCs. Due to changes in the Air transport industry, the competition among LCCs has increased and many low-cost airlines have been constructed around the world.

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The Airlines in Turkey have achieved a cost-efficient by purchasing the same type of aircraft at all time because of the LCCs. The strong euro has been in favour of the Turkish airlines since 40% of the revenue is calculated in Euros due to the increase of revenue from the low cost airlines. LCC has a high impact on domestic tourism and air transport in Turkey. Most cities in turkey have experienced a dramatic increase in the rate of tourists. The number of tourists added rapidly from 2002 to 2012 in Mardin. The evidence of the increase in passengers has influenced the air transport positively as it is able earn more profits therefore earning more revenue. Future of Low-Cost Operations It is clear that low-cost operation business models have continued to grow in the international air transport and seem to grow enormously in the future.

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They transport millions of people on domestic routes and enhance domestic tourism. LCC penetrated in the market after 2002 and changed the nature of products of traditional airlines and charter airlines. It does not serve only charters but serves between large cities like large airlines. It can regulate the prices of the tickets since they follow ticket price continuously. More than 100 hotels have been established in Anatolia due to the improvement of domestic tourism as are result of cheap flight prices by the LCCs. D. How do the demands for airport services differ between full-service carriers and low-cost carriers.  Journal of air transport management, 10(1), 33-39. Clifford, C. , & Heffernan, J. Managing customer satisfaction and retention: A case of tourist destinations, Turkey.  Journal of vacation marketing, 7(2), 153-168.

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