Impact of Technology on Education

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Use of the internet in the class setup is also very addictive and sometimes results in time wasting. Technology has positively impacted the education in a number of ways. These include helping to prepare the students for the use of technology in the real world, expanding students' knowledge through online research and assisting students with disabilities to acquire education and training with a lot of easy. Technology in computers involves the use of packages such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and the Internet. The packages may be used by the students in their projects and writing of the essays. They can learn new languages and cultures of different ethnicities in the quickest time possible. Learning different ethnic cultures and languages makes the students more open-minded and adaptive to that culture.

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The impact of using the Skype-mate language project in improving their English language was conducted between 20 Spaniards and Chinese students. It was found that the use of Skype boosted the students' confidence. After using Skype for a long time, the students were able to construct longer sentences in English (Taillefer and Rosa, 260-264). There are several innovations that have been developed on wheelchairs. The CARRIER wheelchair has a number of innovations which includes the Galileo wheels that enable the handicapped climb up the stairs. The wheelchair also has standing options to enable the person reach new heights. These innovations enable the student work on the board and move from one classroom to another even those that are up or down the stairs.

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Use of the wheelchairs has supported the physically disabled students in their movement to schools and participation in school activities like the rest of the students. It makes the students understand what is taught with a lot of ease. All the devices above ensure that the students have an easy time in learning and training hence they directly impact the education system. Lack of these devices may make learning in schools very difficult. In conclusion, the use of technology in the learning environment not only comes with the adverse effects but also with the positive impacts. The use of technology in training ensures that students can acquire new knowledge that is useful for research and learning of unique aspects of people culture like new languages.

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