Impacts of technology on parenting

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Basically, even though these digital technologies have shared the burden of parents providing them with the opportunity to educate, entertain and also remotely control what their teens do, the same technologies have raised challenges necessitating more decisions and research to be conducted to figure out what is appropriate and the levels and what’s not. There is the need to conduct more research and figure out solutions to this continuously rising parenting problem. Generally, kids today spend much of their time using computers, mobile phones, video games, and television among other video technologies without even bothering the tremendous consequences that are associated with the excessive dependency on these technological tools. Now, the latest technologies have led to an imbalance on work and life among parents which have highly impacted parenting in today’s societies (Dowson, 2017).

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In this paper, I will evaluate the impacts of technological advances on parenting in today’s society and how it has eroded moral values among children. This impacts the prefrontal cortex developments, temporal lobe development and limbic system response to environmental cues. This has negative effects on the establishment of regular circadian rhythm and effective sleep patterns. Under this conditions, parenting becomes more and more challenging (Wilke-Deaton, 2014). To kids, such technological advances hinder their brain ability to function as expected which highly hinder their social and psychological development and consequently impacting their transition to adulthood. From their childhood, they are excessively exposed to these technologies which become difficult to function accordingly when they transition to adulthood as their brain’s capability is highly affected.

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Mostafavi (2016) quotes a statement by lead author Jenny Radesky, M. D. , a professional on child behavior and pediatrician at University of Michigan C. S. Mott Children’s Hospital stating that “Parents are constantly feeling like they are in more than one place at once while parenting. Reading this makes me remember my childhood friend who, at the age of 12, could not go a day without spending several hours playing video games or on the computer. His mother could control his behavior to play video games but it was practically impossible to separate him from his computer. At the time, he did not understand the dangers he was exposing himself to, but with time, he learned the dangers and learned to control his digital behaviors before it could harm him more than it had made him addicted to such technologies.

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