Implementing Beam Barrier Project Advanced Electronic Technologies

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Your task is as follows: 1-Determine and communicate to stakeholders the commercial set up of the business to supply electronic commerce (e-commerce) products or services for the beam project The e-commerce is a form of marketing where the buyer and the seller of the product transact through online means until the transaction is over. No one of the parties meets the other during the period, the buyer orders and pays through online ways and the seller delivers the products. To determine the commercial set up of a business to supply the product we need to understand the market well. The store should have all the necessary models to support the transaction. The industry should be well equipped with the platforms to help the E-commerce transaction. The different models that can be used are drop shipping model, subscription-based to subscribe for parking.

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The application of the drop shipping model is useful during the implementation of the project. The model is helpful because the installation of the electronic beam barrier will involve a lot of tangible products that need to be delivered quickly and over a short distance due to their complex nature. The materials can be ordered but be provided by a third party supplier through a request by the online shopper. Therefore the college and the committee responsible can make use of the model to acquire the materials necessary for the project and ensure that it becomes a success. The subscription-based model will also ensure sustainability of the project for a long time since it will be able to cater for its expense of maintenance and repair when needed. Implement arrangements for conducting e-commerce appropriate to data management for the college After all the consideration and evaluation of the viability of the beam barrier project done, the project should commence right away.

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The committee should ensure that the project is implemented through first developing a plan that will guide on how the project should be implemented until it becomes a success and its revenues realized by the college. The retail business here is to serve customers with parking areas and make their payment through a subscription-based model. Therefore, the college should manage all the data of their subscribers to ensure that they have enough space for their customers to avoid people booking spaces and missing them out (Timmers and Gasos, 30). The college intends to offer Just-in-time services where their customer receives responses to their parking allocation instantly after paying. The drop shipping model also is in line with the college performance, in that the college wants to accomplish the project in time. Therefore, there is need to get the materials for the project as soon as possible not to delay the project.

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The fastest delivery of products can only be made through the use of drop shipping model since the suppliers are at the disposal of the online shopper and will offer timely delivery. The subscription-based model is more of deciding whether the product is available when the customer places the order. Another college requirement is that it remains competitive in the offering parking services. Therefore the transaction systems and customer authentication system makes it be viewed as the best. Since many in the industry have not been able to get such qualities, this makes it more competitive in the market. The college should make use of the e-retailing model to enable their users to have direct interaction with the college. The buyers are allowed to book their parking spaces earlier in advances through the online systems where credit cards are only used as a mode of payment.

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Business to Business Electronic Commerce, vol.  1, no.  2, 2015, pp.

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