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Profitability of the hotel industry is affected by the economic circumstances. In many instances, hotel business is booming when the economic is flourishing. Such is caused by the availability of disposable income, which enables people to travel during individual’s leisure time. Competent and focused hotel managers understand the essence of maintaining performance at all times of economic conditions. Building a robust customer image will enhance the competitiveness of the hotel during economic downturn. This is because hotels have different structures, amount of assets, long term, and short-term goals. Lean management techniques enable hospitality executives to rediscover opportunities and maximize the business operation in the competitive markets (Victorino et al. Improvement is effective when the business managers have devised strategies of monitoring and controlling process performance.

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Improving the process performances requires the business managers to remind themselves of the dynamics of operations and make informed decisions on whether to adopt specific strategy or an alternative. Efficacy of process performance will be realized if the hotel executives design a mechanism for controlling and monitoring performance objectives and goals. Whereas the data obtained is an ice tip, it is critical to analyze the process repeatedly to identify other defaults that represent the bottom of the iceberg. This stage is imperative as it enables the hotel managers to identify each factor that is contributing to the process loophole. Detailed studies of the process inefficiency leads to identification of myriad of challenges affecting hotel’s operation. Some of the identified fault lines may be solved immediately or some can be solved as time progress step by step.

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The decision to choose which issue to solve is premised on the consequences of the problems identified. As mentioned earlier, process improvement should be continuous as the demands of the guests and other factors changes, training of the staff is important. The efficiency of the process can only be realized if the staffs have adequate knowledge and experience on how to run the new process. Through training, the staff gains knowledge and expertise to enact the process reform and enhance its performance. Understanding the Concept of Monitoring and Controlling Hospitality industry or hotels are business entities that are created by entrepreneurs and investors to maximize profits. A hotel as a business has goals and objectives to meet in a given period or within a specified timeline.

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The hotel managers strive to maximize profits during the high seasons when the hospitality industry is booming. Failure to change the process during the high season will lead to the guests making reservations in other hotels whose processes are at par with the clients’ demands and preferences. In monitoring and controlling the process performance, the business executives must understand series of events that should be followed sequentially (Harrington, 1991). Missing any step in the process of monitoring and controlling hinders the efficacy of the entire process. The first activity that the managers should do in the process of monitoring and controlling is identifying the critical factors that affect the business process. After investigating the process, the next step is to specify the type of comparison that will be made using the data collected and recorded.

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The last step of monitoring and controlling involves formulation of the mitigation responses if the process encountering some challenges that lead to inefficiency and hence low or substandard performance. Application of Six-Sigma Quality Standards (DMAIC) in Hotel Escargo Six sigma is an organization management strategy that aims at improving process quality by reducing and ultimately eliminating errors and variations (Henderson & Evans, 2000). Hotel Escargo is a business enterprise that has a room for improving the quality of services that are offered to the guests. The failure or success of the hotel depends on the quality. This implies that the management of the hotel should verify the data by engaging an independent expert. The expert will investigate and carefully study the data to have a comprehensive understanding on how the issues highlighted are affecting the entire process.

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