Individuals who have been diagnosed with hiv and struggling with mental health disorders

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Edwards, L. V. , Irving, S. M. , Amutah, N. The results found out that there is a common thread in the themes presented.  Strength is that the study developed important information from a unique and underrepresented group of population.  Limitations of the study were that the sample size was used. The study demanded the high level of participation that was making a difficult for the participant in giving their personal information.  The study concluded that introduction and implementation of HIV family intervention programs will greatly help in improving the social support of women struggling with HIV infections.  Limitations Were that the small sample size used was the major limitation of the study. The second limitation of the study was the lack of natural recruitment process of the participants.

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 Conclusion was that Women who participate in community programs can reduce the risks of HIV infection as compared to those who do not participate in the groups. Johnson, T. R. Sanicki, A. , & Mannell, J. HIV-positive African-American women’s perspectives on engaging communities in the response to HIV/AIDS in Washington, DC.  AIDS care, 27(10), pp. This background of this research was on the perceptions of HIV infected African Americans. , Wessell, J. , & Kearney, T. Self-care behaviors of African American women living with HIV: A qualitative perspective.  Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care, 21(1), 36-52. The background of the study relates to HIV positive American women's self-care. Peer-delivered information is important in helping women to learn about self-care behaviors. Rao, D. , Kemp, C.

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G. , Huh, D. The research question was, “what are the impacts of the UNITY peer sustenance workshop on HIV-associated stigma amidst African American females struggling with HIV relative to concentration and time control group?” the study used no theory. Concerning the methods, the authors randomized African American women suffering from HIV to the UNITY workshop. The study embraced a quantitative research design to determine the comparison. The participant's self-reported stigma resulting from the HIV status and social support for 12 months. The results of the study found that the allocation of UNITY was not related to the significant difference between the stigma points over time. A conceptual framework was used and the research adopted a qualitative study design. The results of the research confirmed that interactions of government and non-profit institutions assist in explaining the disparity among those who succeed and those who do not.

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Framing institutions play a great role in comprehending what it means to be HIV positive, the language we converse about conditions of people and the resources we commence restructuring concerning an individual’s life upon diagnosis. The study was limited in that it used a small sample of 30 participants hence generalization of the results is not possible. The study concluded that organizational ties play a great role in shaping the movement of women from behaviors and beliefs that propose that they are “drying from” this illness to actions and attitudes consistent with the notion that can survive still with HIV.   The sample size of 48 respondents used was the Limitation as it was small.  Conclusion was that the primary method of HIV transmission among African American women is through risk sexual activities.

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The study also concluded that depression increases the likelihood of engaging in risky sexual practices. Vyavaharkar, M. , Moneyham, L. Quantitative research design and secondary data analysis methods were used. The results showed that HIV revealing was highly and adversely associated with depression symptoms, denoting that exposure indeed can lower depression symptoms. The study had an inherent limitation derived from the choice of instruments and variables included in the secondary data. The study concluded that African American females suffering from HIV illness within the rural southeastern U. S. In the study of HIV positive struggling amongst Black American women, five of the studies used theories which were; the Behavioral Activation Theory, the theory of gender and power, appraisal theory and the feminism and black feminist thought, the health belief model, the organic theory.

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