Instructional Technology Resources for 21st Century Teaching

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Evaluation The use of the instruction software the teacher needs to access the software in a prior date to evaluate its functionality. The act of prior checking helps in the reduction of possible future abnormality when teaching. Instructional Website The instructional website is a website that is meant mainly to educate the students and pupils. According to (Collins & Halverson, 2018), the sites offer more materials sources to teachers for teaching their students. The website also helps in finding a reliable source about a particular topic or requirement. These applications are known as instructional apps which offer both teachers and students intuitive platforms that guide and enable smooth learning (Kuhlthau, Maniotes, & Caspari, 2015). Due to the increase in the help offered by these applications, most of the schools are currently installing mobile learning devices for their students Evaluation Evaluating the success of this mode of teaching method is easy and fast because the apps provide a platform for the engagement between the students and teachers.

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