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This documentary report outlines the great achievements and other activities over the past years. It shows how the mission and vision of the International House is achieved by interacting with students and other international scholars through programs that are focussed globally, genuine facilities and designing diversities through work of thought and experience. The international House community provides students from different countries and different cultures with the opportunity to live and gain knowledge together in a community of mutual understanding and respect for one another, and international friendship. From the research that have conducted about international house of Davis, students from different nationalities are given opportunities to express themselves and learn about the culture of others and appreciate what they do and why they practice their cultures.

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International house of Davis guides students on how to live a harmonious life in international environments and let them feel that they are at home. An elaboration on how to create a positive research that will present guidelines for effective partnerships in businesses, cultivate and maintain friendships of students and scholars. Research is important especially to the management of the International House because programs will be planned according to the analysis of the reports that are given to the management concerning the effectiveness of collaborative partnerships that are formed by students. International house also holds conferences that promote the heritage of the world. Business persons are given the opportunity to show their innovative and creative works. Many values and exchange of knowledge has been passed through the plans and events that are organized by International house of Davis.

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The people interviewed in the research include students who have been carrying out research projects in other countries which are not their native countries. One of the students interviewed is a University of California’s student from Public Health Department, a female student, who is carrying out a project on the awareness of early child marriages on the lives of children in Bangladesh. Her native country is the United Kingdom. She spent more than five weeks conducting workshops in schools and villages in Bangladesh where early child marriages have been rampant and raising national and international concerns. Her main objective was to try to understand what the major cause of such early marriages was and why the girl child was being coerced to undergo such rites of passage at early stages of life development process.

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How performances are conducted also differ with other cultures. The culture tables are decorated by cultural organizations from the local community and the event is a show of individual culture across the world. People from the local community will also be in attendance plus the business community so that they can learn about work that should be done at home and in a foreign environment. People from the local will be interested to find details about their community and understand how they can be involved in understanding unity in diversity (Smith et. al, 2012). The festival at the International House will feature stages of performance in order to represent many styles from different cultures internationally. Music styles, dancing performance are the main activities featured in the event.

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Additionally, when performances are ongoing, food trucks will give a taste of international delicacies based on the countries with their members on the event. In order to understand more about festival activities at International House of Davis, one is advised to join a steering committee (Gee, 2014).   The steering committee is the one to plan for events and awards to best performing arts and craft wares. Today, for several years, Club 1 is officially an opened program of International House of Davis. There are also several events that are organised in club 1 which includes foreign trips, parties and community carving (Jason, et. al 2014).   In conclusion, International House of Davis is a wonderful organization. Every day, the House embraces the appreciation and respect for all people and cultures.

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