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Thus in most cases in order to do away with any possible arising decay on moral and social values, then it is appropriate to measure the level of internet censorship to ensure freedom to expression by the people. Initially, the cyberspace was being controlled by online network company companies and not by the nations or various institutions. The reason was mainly to block the states from interfering with the people’s freedom of expression. After that, the rules were forced to interfere in arguing that the World Wide Web community failed to control the trending internet problems. Those emerging hyperspace problems include political interferences, web scams, and hackings. However, there are areas where internet censorship may be tighter in the democratic countries, such as, in a case where the linkages of some data may cause insecurity in the country.

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The government in power may be forced to limit access to information to protect its citizens from danger and harassments. There is also wide variation between the supporters of internet censorship and the critics. In some countries, a more significant percentage of the citizens supports internet censorship while others disagree with such opinions strongly while in others the opposite is true. Some citizens argue that there should be total freedom in internet access since it's a human right while others feel that some limits should be placed on internet access. The main ternate of the internet, Vincent Cerf, prophesied in 2007 that internet censorship by the governments would scramble because private owners control most of the cyberspace. Berkman Centre for internet and Society researched in 2007 (Crandall & East, 2007) and found out that censorship evasion would be more successful ahead of the control of the state governments.

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Contrary, Oxford Internet Institute in their research carried out in the year 2011 stated that the interment censorship would be successful because of the advancement of the censorship technologies which could easily control the extent of internet viewers, freedom of expression and reduce web crimes. Lastly, the findings from the public policy Centre of research do not support internet censorship arguing that it interferes with the rights and freedom of speech of the citizens. There should be a thorough cross-examination on what is to be blocked, exchanged or filtered within the World Wide Web. The only way that has proven effective in achieving full censorship is the process of blocking unauthorized users or blocking to protect vital information; a good example is a censorship system in China, where they have managed to put up a proper budget and technologies for efficient and effective censorship system.

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Internet censorship is a trending issue in most parts of the world and it is in relation to the limiting and regulating the access of the World Wide Web information by various users (McLelland, 2005). The censorship is generally done by the states, institutions, corporations or at the individual level. Reasons for internet censorship include; Political and religious issues: politicians and religious groups use internet platform to carry out their various activities. Some of them often take advantage and start spreading propaganda which may, in turn, bring insecurity issues. The protection may also be provided by private internet providers. Internet censorship has a lot of significance to the users, for example, it helps in blocking radical, harmful and dangerous messages before they get to view them. It also protects young children from viewing frightening scenes which may cause harm to them such as killings and homicide videos.

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Internet censorship also prevents propaganda and unauthorized information from spreading which may cause confusion. Internet censorship also plays a vital role in enhancing the national security of a particular state. In other words, it forces citizens to pay more tax to fund the process. Internet censorship may also affect businesses negatively. It may bar some individuals from accessing the best business internet platforms. This may result in losses such as profit losses and businesses may lose their potential customers. On another note, it may prevent companies from accessing best deals from potential suppliers. R. Zinn, D. Byrd, M. Barr, E. T. Wang, Z. Cao, Y. Qian, Z. Song, C. Krishnamurthy, S. F. Ahmad, T. Qaisar, S. April). Monitoring Internet censorship with UBICA.

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