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Christopher refuses to accept the offer insisting that his Datsun works perfectly okay. Furthermore, he intimates to his parents about his plans of joining Harvard Law School. His impressive grades in classes involving global social consciousness help him towards this ambition. Nonetheless, we later realize that Chris had no intention of joining Harvard as he moved from his apartment without informing his immediate family. He arranges with the post office such that his mail may be held for several months before being returned to sender (Sánchez Vera 2). ” Further, I will discuss how the search for freedom, principles, and the act of forgiveness describe the main ideas being discussed in the film. Ultimate Freedom Christopher describes his hearts desires and whatever he is searching for during his adventurous voyage.

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In this scene, he seeks total freedom away from everyone and everything that has continuously been bothering him. As such, it would most likely seem that this symbolizes liberty from the authority and rules imposed by other people on him. In his entire life, Christopher has always found authority to be oppressive particularly when exercised by an individual who thinks he or she possesses such power for arbitrary reasons. Consequently, Christopher’s freedom is limited in its scope. Principles versus People In our interaction with different people, we tend to leave lasting impressions on them depending on our character beliefs, values, and our general conduct. In the film “Into the Wild,” Christopher exhibited one constant trait that endeared him to many.

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He always adhered to the principles he believed in, and as a result, many people respected him for that. Chris just does not make it public that his parents are materialistic. Forgiveness The theme of forgiveness assumes a central position in the film “Into the Wild. ” Christopher comes out as a very compassionate character throughout the story. In this scene, he is not willing to ignore the fact that hundreds of people around him are starving or go for days without food. Consequently, being the man that he is, he feels it his responsibility to help them in any way he can. Still, his actions are regarded as selfish and cause significant pain and harm to those who hold him in high regards.

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Conclusion In our contemporary world, each day we live is a struggle between making the right and wrong choices. In the film “Into the Wild,” Christopher is always faced with the consequences of the decisions he makes that ultimately determine the direction his life takes. It is a fact that Christopher is an intelligent person whose behavior has won the admiration of many. However, Christopher is tired of the authority people display towards him. He continually finds this to be oppressive. Works Cited Into the Wild. Dir. Sean Penn. Emile Hirsch, Vince Vaughn, Catherine Keener. Paramount.

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