Is Genetic Engineering A Good Thing

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The latest way of doing this is CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing. Despite the fact that genetic engineering may be subject to abuse by some enthusiasts who would attempt to design their offsprings right down to their eye color, the technique can save millions of lives by treating some of the innate ailments such as cystic fibrosis and cancer. So, Is genetic engineering a good thing? This question has been heatedly debated for some time now in the scientific world. This objective analysis is designed to make informed decisions by providing countering pros against cons of the technique. Most of the critics of the technology indicate that cloning is a bad thing. In the common parlance of science, this was a feat to create a story which would serve to capture the imagination of people and to tangibly display what had been the subject of several Petri dishes, equations, and theories (Avise 2004).

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It was not meant to assess the cloning efficacy as a means of production. As it regards the ethical concerns which would ensue in case human cloning was to be actualized, I cannot predict a logical set of circumstances that can make human cloning beneficial for any purpose. It would raise ethical questions as to the reason why one would clone one person a million times, but this has flimsy chances of happening. Genetic alteration can cause harm the same way other tools which have been used have. Science has enabled the engineering of plants for the production of the best and biggest vegetables and fruits possible by way of the designing plants with the most desirable traits and replacing genes.

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It is possible to genetically engineer animals in to achieve cleaner production of meat, genetically engineering crops so that they grow before the onset of winter and ensure that both the crops and animals can endure any harsh weather and still come out strong (Lassen, Madsenand Sandøe 2002 p. It's also possible to grow them in different weather conditions. Based on the impact of genetic manipulation on, there is a big ethical dilemma when it comes to human beings. Friedmann and Roblin (1972 p. In the field of medical research, there is heavy manning from oversight bodies such as FDA and the collegiate peers. There is little to no chances of corruption as depicted by the social media. If an environment where there is a faithful co-existence between the scientific community and the public, there would be no that fear should form an obstacle between the advances of molecular biology.

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There is fear that GE would change the human genome for good. However, this is not a new concept considering that humans have been redesigning and aiding the natural selection process since their civilization (Kim and Kim 2014 p. Opponents of the technology do not object to the fact that GE has the potential of healing diseases, but they are unsure whether the mixing of genes to cure one ailment might indeed start a malady which has never been heard of (Macer 1992). The scientist only has a good idea of how the human body works, but not the absolute knowledge to understand the effects of minor changes made in the basic building blocks. Additionally, they are worried that they may GE babies while they are still in their womb and predispose their patients to complications such as stillbirth, premature birth, and miscarriages which are entirely unthinkable.

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On the brighter side, genetic alteration has the potential of erasing the deadliest diseases in the world which have caused several fatalities. It is undoubted that there exist several genetic mutations which people can suffer which humans ail from, and which can never be terminated unless the future cohort is genetically engineered. Therefore, I support GE but hold on the belief that the technique needs to be regulated. The technology holds many promises to the humanity such as curing diseases. I think what could be unethical is just to leave people ill while holding on to the belief that it is unnatural to cure them. References Adrian, H. Is Genetic Engineering A Good Thing For Humanity? FORBES, accssed 8 March 2018. and Rathore, P.

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