Is leadership an inherent trait or can people be taught to be good leaders

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Historically, several people have established themselves as excellent leaders naturally while others as result of tenacity and experience developed their leadership skills. This paper will provide a succinct analysis to ascertain whether leadership is indeed inherited or is it a skill which can be taught. To establish this, the paper will provide an argument in support of the point that leaders are born on one hand and the other hand, arguments supporting the fact that leadership is taught. The simple definition of leadership leads to the point of concluding that indeed leadership is an inherent trait. In its definition, leadership comprises of five important traits and which are not inclusive of integrity, intelligence, emotional maturity or any other necessity. Andersen indicates that through observation of leaders in 30 years, the capability of leaders falls in a bell like a curve.

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The curve shows that some of the individuals are born leaders. Such individuals in the bell curve show considerable traits and start their leadership on a higher note. The quality of their leadership never deteriorate at any time but gets better and better as days go on. However, on the same bell curve, their people who are at the bottom. Leadership can be taught, developed and in some instances practiced as proved by Walt Disney. As a previous failure in business during his first attempts it has taken more than 10 years to learn and practice the leadership skills. Further research indicates that uncountable numbers of hours are needed for purposes of practicing to acquire and master skills. As a result, unless one has an inbuilt talent, the chances of succeeding as a leader are relatively low.

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Various multinational and domestic corporations usually spent a considerable amount in developing and sharpening the leadership skills of their employees. The notion of creative thinking is hard to teach, and in most cases, excellent creative thinkers are born with the trait. In conclusion, it is hard to lean on one side of whether leadership is taught or it is an inherent trait. AAs enumerated above; it is correct to say that leadership can be taught and or inborn. However, individuals who have the inborn leadership traits have the highest probability of success. In either case, it is evident that refining the skills is essential. Retrieved from: https://iveybusinessjournal. com/publication/are-leaders-born-or-made/. Accessed on February 24, 2018. Katz, Robert. Skills of an Effective Administrator.

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