Is Police Brutality on Just Racial Lines

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This, therefore, confirms of the power given to this unit, of using necessary strength, knowledge, and skills in identifying the wrongdoers. However, it is has realized that the use of force is entirely interpreted differently by some of the police individuals. Brutality in specifics has been detected to exist from the police side towards a particular crowd. This paper, therefore, entails a profound discussion on the detected police brutality and its relation to racism Jeronimo Yanez is currently one of the great police known in America. The fame of this law enforcer comes from the cruelty expressed to an African American civilian by the name of Philando Castile. S. , and it needs to be addressed perfectly. The concept of racism is destroying the law and order existence as well as rivalry in the state.

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For example, from the above-given police brutality scenario, led to a massive protest from the public. Angered with such kind of action were expressed using "Black Lives Matter," which indicates that the African American individuals are the victims of police brutality. The survey was used to analyze the cause of crimes, where it identified that regardless of the low percentage of African American population in Chicago; they constituted of 30% of the police killing where they were only 5% in the area. President Herbert Hoover implemented the National commission on law Observation and Enforcement to work on identifying policing tactics that would resolve crime existence. In the report findings which was in the year 1931 and 1932; police brutality was recognized as an existing catalyst of crime-related problems.

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Police brutality against the black race became a norm where even to date the same cruelty exists. What confirms of the excessive brutality, against the institutional theory is the heavy armor worn by the law enforcing unit when dispersing protest and during immigrants and Black community street patrols ("A Brief History of Slavery And The Origins Of American Policing | Police Studies Online"). Logically, handling of grownup can be defined as stressful or irritating as some may not be cooperative in an investigation or questioning, but that that does not call for extensive use of force. Violence should be the least conclusion or option used by the police. It is only through the use of healthy communication that will ensure better case handling instead of fear, which is brought about by the police violence.

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This is best explained by the existence of the many public riots, which indicates the hostility of the public and the police. Both parties should work together to ensure crime does not exist in America. They aim to establish fear of the wrongdoers but is evident that they end up breaking the law and causing bloodshed. The use of firearms under the assumption that one is armed because they are from a particular community does not show any promotion of justice by this team. Equality can only be attained if the right platform is provided to all citizens and the appropriate procedures of arresting, questioning and handling of the suspect should be followed to all citizens. By ending the police brutality, will ensure that peace exists in America and less bloodshed will exist hence crime will be of the past (https//www.

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