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In the current world, generation Z is going to be the next market for the travel industry and even though the key decision maker target market is still the older generation, however generation Z is proven to hold an important voice in deciding vacation related matters. Because of this, adapting towards generation Z’s behavior and preference is a must if the travel business wants to sustain in this era. This becomes more of an importance acknowledging the fact that generation Z is the largest age group present in today’s US society. Therefore, it will become a problem if an actor within the travel industry failed to recognize the trend and capture the hearts of those within the generation Z age category. Identification and Analysis of Issues From the case above, three main issues were identified as the followings: the social media paradigm, shift of trend, and inclusivity.

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The next issue is regarding to shift of trend to a more active, adventurous, and unconventional destination for the Generation Z who craves for new experiences. This would promote an issue for the highly visited tourism spot before because with this behavioral trend, people would tend to stay away from those mainstream vacation spots and this will bring a decrease to those highly concentrated places which in turn would decrease the economic activity around the area as tourism affects the sales, income, and employment in a region (Stynes, 1997). Advantages and disadvantages • Advantages Industries will need to be more creative than before to stay at their business and not going down. Tourism industry need to be more innovative to attract more customer because most of customer is craving for the new experience by activity, for example if it is in Mexico which is second most visited country to visit nowadays, maybe offer some tequila worm which originated from there would be good.

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• Disadvantages By doing more things in the tourism industry, it might be so risky because it cost a lot to make new things in the resort, whereas we will never know if it will really attract customer and will it makes the resort earn more revenue or will just cover the starting budget or even sometimes to starting budget will not be covered if it is not attractive enough. The world has got a diversity of tourist destinations. Families who are the tourist also has different interests on the destinations to visit. As a result, a number of endless conflicts arise especially between the children and the parents in their places of visit. For instance, children might be interested to visit places that they will directly and physically interact with nature but parents might be willing to visit areas where they will have emotionally interacted with nature like visiting warm countries (Lyons, 2005, 149).

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Gone are the days when parents were the only source of information to their children. Parents will focus on making their children have the best experiences on nature all over the world leaving the aged pursuing their interests by their own. Hall, (2005, par 3-4), family tourism has been influenced by a number of factors. To be specific factors that can hinder tourist from visiting certain areas. For instance, the financial status of a family can restrict their movement to certain places; children from a less fortunate family in America will not afford to visit a country like Egypt to have an adventure on pyramids. Other factors include a climatic change that can result in deadly diseases, political instabilities, insecurity cases, poor transport networks, the supply of power, water in the places of visit among others.

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For instance, poaching is always related to tourism. They act as a ready market to purchase ivory, skins, among others. Strict laws should be passed to deal with such criminals. Tourism has also played a very embarrassing role in cultural erosion among individuals (Archer, 2005, 89). For example, when whites visit African countries, Africans forget their way of living such dressing, feeding, and interaction with others. As a result, each and every member of the nation should work hand in hand to curb the entire problem facing tourism for a better social life. References Archer, B. Cooper, C. and Ruhanen, L. The positive and negative impacts of tourism. J. and Var, T. Resident perception of the environmental impacts of tourism.  Annals of Tourism Research, 14(1), pp. Lyons, A. Tourism and social policy: The value of social tourism.

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