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Therefore, MilleniAds will need software that can provide the best graphic designs, keeping track of inventory, sales, and expenses. Given the information provided some of MilleniAds employees will be travelling so they will need to be able to access their work remotely and the ability to update and/or create. Adobe Creative Cloud offers Photoshop, InDesign, Adobe Stock, illustrator, and more. Yes, you can get plenty of great applications that can get the job done, but let’s say MillieniAds need at least 3 licenses for this software, for the business version the cost is $69. 99 per month. The Enterprise Edition is offered in 3 different packages for one user: Silver $1100/800 yearly, Gold $1430/1144 yearly, Platinum $1760/1408 yearly ("QuickBooks: Smarter Business Tools for the World's Hardest Workers", 2018).

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An alternative to QuickBooks is Microsoft Excel which is included in the Microsoft office pack ("Compare All Microsoft Office Products | Microsoft Office", 2018). As far as my understanding, the sales staff are using mobile devices to share their official files while on outside the office. In that case, it is very important to know that the application that they use is safe, efficient, faster and comfortable to use. To avoid certain problems, my recommendation for them is to use Microsoft 365 Business. A good wireless connection, printers and scanners will be needed for better work efficiency. Firewall, as well as malware protection, should be implemented to secure the client’s personal data. A high-end monitor would be essential for the graphic designers to provide hard copies to our product to our customers (Carson & Carney, 2018).

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