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Warner begins her article with a discussion about the heating discussion concerning cookies are eaten in school which led in raising concerning the issue. Also, the author starts to be being credible living background information with relevant examples; she also cites convincing elaboration concerning the eating habit in us. Towards the end, the author downgrades her credibility by not articulating strong ideas concerning the main topic. This essay will reflect a rhetorical essay about “junking junk food” by Judith Warner. In her thought, Warner starts giving a highlight about the case of cookies being introduced to the school children without their knowledge about high minded sugar. In order for this to be clear Warner uses reference in trying to elaborate the kind of lifestyle that Americans practiced.

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This implied that cookies were practiced with force than the government administration. For the people to develop new eating habits they should be “new, desirable, and freely chosen expression of the American way of life”, this was only the method to approach the altering of eating habits without experiencing friction from the majority. Throughout the article, warner applies different sources that reveal her credibility by supporting her thoughts appealing to ethos in relation to developing a firm argument. Some of her supporting sources in the argument include anthropologist Margaret Mead and David Kessler, the former U. ” However, she lacks the same tune of effectiveness toward the end of the article. For instance, “In the space of a generation, he says, cigarettes stopped being portrayed as “sexy and cool” and started to be seen as “a terribly disgusting, addictive product.

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