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Today she is working as a lecturer at the Fordham University from being a businessperson in Wroclaw. I have a five years old sister whose name is Christine. She is suffering from anorexia and it has affected me mentally since her body is weak and I have to help her every time we are together. Dad used to work as an electrical engineer in an electronic company located here in New Yolk city until a few months ago because of an illness. The doctors discovered he had a stage 3 prostate cancer and needed to begin immediate treatment. Their mother who is my grandmother curses them all times because they stress her. A medical test has revealed that dad’s condition is critical and needs intensive care.

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This has left my family and me a severe depression because we love him so much. He has always been there for us and used to take care of our problems but now he cannot and we are left to seek help from our mother. Anorexia affects my sister’s health by weakening her body. It is meant to be a platform where we are exchanging and sharing new ideologies and spotting interesting talents that different people have. We also learn from various experiences shared. This is the main reason I show much appreciation to everyone that forms my environment. I feel energized when these new friends happen to support my growth and development of my skills in various areas such as hobbies and studies.

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Many of them met me in the streets doing hobbies. I learned using Microsoft office, using the internet and programming. Now I am able to program in HTML and Pascal. Today, my schoolmates give me the honor because of developing our school online portal. Because of it, I managed to earn myself a one-year academic scholarship which was granted to me by the university. Last year I launched my website and made many programs and it is my hope to become a computer scientist in the future. They recognize me as their game master. Tolkien’s based game, Middle Earth is really fun. I am aiming at proceeding my masters’ in computer science studies in Japan because I love everything that forms its associates.

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Through this achievement, I will learn to speak the Japanese language. It is my wish to get a longtime stay in Japan whilst working as a computer specialist in the city of Tokyo. I like they Josephine takes care of me during a time like this. Ashe has proven herself to me as the best friend I ever had in my life. I remember there was a day that I was taken for a mental illness checkup and a therapy by my mom a few months ago in the hospital that dad was admitted when he was operated on. This is because when I think about the behavior of my drunkard three uncles’ deed, I feel bad for them and wish punishment befell them one day for putting our family in difficulty instead of supporting us.

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