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This survey gives a probable solution to health promotion plans put in place to overpower the challenges experienced. An overview of Lancaster S. C This survey targeted at in Lancaster South Carolina; an area which is a home of about 73000 people located 20 miles from the major highway connecting Columbia to Charlotte. Lancaster is rated among the poor due to its high rate of unemployment of 12. 2% which is far away from the national average that is 6. 12% whites 27. 78% African Americans 0. 44% Native Americans, 0. 65% Asians, 0. 03% Pacific Islanders, 9. The per capita income of Monroe NC is $17,970, 11. 7% of families and 17. 2% of the population residing in this area live below the poverty line; this general view of Monroe indicates that the area is underdeveloped. Health care needs to be required at Lancaster SC I found out that Home Health Care in Lancaster, SC is categorized as either home care or Medicare certified.

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Non-medical home care in the area includes individual care as well as day today's activities, on the other hand, Medicare-certified home health includes skilled nursing together with rehabilitation. S average of 5. Cost of living, the cost of living in Lancaster is estimated to be 9. 60% lower than the U. S average. The population of Lancaster's is estimated to be 8,956 people, with a rising population at a rate of 0. Housing at Lancaster SC As per my survey conducted in the area, I realized 19 low-income housing apartments which are inclusive of 1,104 affordable apartments meant for renting in Lancaster SC. Most of these apartments are charged based on the income of its residents; to be specific these apartments range about 627 buildings that are based income.

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In Lancaster SC they are often referred to as "HUD apartments", also there are about 279 Project-Based Section 8 that are subsidized by Lancaster County. According to our finding also we realized that there are 861 other low-income apartments which do not have any rental assistance though they are still considered to be affordable for low-income families. Businesses in the area Businesses located within Lancaster, as well as any other non-residential business that operates within the area, limits Lancaster; in engaging in any occupation or activity with an objective of gaining interest, benefit, or advantage, directly or indirectly. com). Disease prevention and health promotion of for a vulnerable diverse population The county of Lancaster has developed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) its main duty is to control disease, body injuries, as well as pre and postnatal death control and also enhancing the value of life.

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This assignment covers particularly the inferior and underserved. The CDC has unusual and particular curiosity concerning the health disparities experienced by the urban population (Winslow, B. J. Are the major factors contributing to health disparities in the area? A poor and uneducated community is likely to face a high risk of poor healthcare services. Conclusion Lancaster demographic changes over time have been highly influenced by the rate of poverty experienced in the area. Poor education and unemployment is also the major contribution of disparity among its residents, low-income results in poor housing and inability of access to good healthcare. Lancaster County should concentrate on improving the quality of education in order to improve the quality lifestyle and healthcare in the near future.

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