Language diversity and bilingual students

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Bilingualism is an ability for an individual to use more than one language. Bilingual education has been studied for decades, whereby individuals have been having variety opinions about the language. According to the research conducted, at least half of the global population is bilingual, and some of the European countries have a bilingual rate of 99 percent (García, E. E. It is essential for individuals to be bilingual since there are a variety of advantages that are achieved from the factor. Understanding more than one language in the current world is of great importance since it facilitates globalization. In the United States, there are many native languages and it is important for the students to be involved in these languages since it expands their cultural diversity in their academic activities.

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One of the greatest challenges currently faced is whether the bilingual language should be allowed in school curriculum or not. In order for this challenge to be resolved, it is essential to consider various benefits that are achieved through bilingual language, especially for the students. It is usually easier for the bilingual education to be facilitated to the students since it will enlarge their learning perspective in a global way. Through language diversity and bilingual, an individual opens up cultural and social opportunities. When an individual knows more than one language, it is normally possible to interact with people from other culture diversities, offering opportunities to make more friends especially at the workplace and in schools (Edwards, J. There are currently many operations that are carried out globally.

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When an individual is bilingual, it is possible to travel and interact with individuals from different countries. It is essentially important to facilitate bilingual language in schools since it has many advantages to the children. When students are involved in bilingual especially when they are small, they usually get confused in understanding the two languages they are being taught. It is important to facilitate good learning techniques to the children in order to improve their growing appropriately. There are various benefits that are achieved through language diversity and bilingual, and it is important to be facilitated. In order to avoid the challenges of bilingual, it is essential for various strategies to be designed to eliminate these challenges and facilitate bilingual language (Cummins, J.

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