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Before I started my reading and writing, I was afraid that I would not make it in life but thanks to the influential individuals I have across who have positively changed my attitude and given me a reason towards achieving my goals and having a prosperous academic future. These influences of which most are facilitated by learning practices all of which most of the motivation and support has been from my friends and relatives have seen improvement in my education training and literacy skills. I have employed different literacy skills and strategies in various education levels and applied experimental learning to express the needs to evaluate and initiate learning in my life. The culture of the school and society have generated a secure environment and given me a clear purpose to balance intellectual learning by sharing thoughts with others to give me a clear conscience and hence enabling me to participate fully in the process of learning with control over the direction and nature and without basing myself on personal or social issues.

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By applying the theories, I have learned and accepted new ideas while engaging in existing concepts and this has made my writing and reading skills successful while incorporating new technology to meet new education standards. Discussion based approaches to academic literacy which are linked to my achievement but not guarantying high-stakes testing have constituted to my instructional constrain and narrowed my literacy curriculum. Basic skills focused devoid that label some readers as struggling leaders due to a lack of wide reading experience that lowers literacy achievement rather than improving engagement and competence have created a negative attitude. Therefore, the failure to learn rather than the institutional failure to teach about complex mental and social activity have constituted highly to my learning.

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In many occasions I have viewed writing as an integral part of the nature of the participants' interaction and social practices affects the reading and writing concept. Literacy as a learning process has become an essential idea which is actively being involved in the broad process of learning rather than a more inadequate product and focuses on interfering with education. For students to excel in literacy, they should interact with a wide range of learning materials and create their confidence. Giving intensive support can make a difference where students can be able to implement practical work by using modern technology such as speech technology. Success in literacy will always be articulated to the knowledge of one's goals, performance and encouragement, and support from family members.

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