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Either the actions can be rewarding or lead to ultimate trouble. It is important to understand yourself first. This enables you to know what you are capable of in life as a person. Choices, therefore, have consequences in a lifetime. The author of the poem “The Road Not Taken” pens about what is happening in our society. Information is easily accessible, and one can communicate with peers and loved ones. It has transformed the way people relate. Hence, the road not taken would only serve to harm the person who is not interested in the deeds of the modern world. According to the poem, one ought to conform to the deeds of the modern world lest you be left out. This results from the death statement that is alluded to in the poem.

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As much as it can be seen to be still there are numerous problems that people are dealing with be it diseases, poverty, conflicts, death and so on. When things are still it is perceived it is the correct path that has been taken in life. In the broadest sense, the poem looks into the mindset of a people in the society. More so, the body and inner development of a person (Robinson). That is the essence of the poem being closely linked to the people that surround them. At times friends and family determine what we do. This is out of influence from one another and what we would like to have at the end of the day. Therefore, people will always celebrate and find it helpful if they do follow their ideas and instincts though (Reisch).

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This is usually limited at times of problems with folks. Therefore, the author emphasizes that it is good for one to make their own decisions which would reflect life in general and be responsible for what has occurred as a people. Nevertheless, if you are a medical officer and you were together in the ward your license would also be at stake. Hence, it is good to raise the red flag and call a ‘spade a spade. This way you will earn respect and understanding amongst colleagues. Life will present itself in various voices. This is because of the many things that people talk about in the natural and outward ways (Pavani). It might sound difficult, but it is essential to make the right choice. As a person, you cannot travel both roads.

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‘Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and sorry I could not travel both and be one traveler, long I stood. It is their fore vital to bring out the aspect of making the right choice. This is because our paths in life will always open up as we live on earth as human beings (Cengage Learning). This is because of the nature in which life is structured (Orr). It usually unfolds in peculiar ways in which as a person you fail to understand. These attributes are claimed or linked to the narratives in the poem. It is believed that when you forget where you are going or in the instance, you get lost. One would trace his or her origin, this aspect is essential in life and one should determine them to see who they are.

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In summary from a psychological point of view concerning the story "The road not taken," one ought to make important life decisions of which lead to them living a happy life at the end of the day. Making wrong choices amounts to guilt. Therefore being a wise person, it is good to think critically. Follow the right path of which is morally correct and receive an acknowledgment from life. Actually, it would be the correct path. Impact of decision making in Robert Frost's 'the road not taken. Journal of English language and literature (JOELL). Robinson K. Robert Frost: “The Road Not Taken” Our choices are made clear in hindsight. Reisch M.

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