Limitations to freedom of speech

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Human rights are rights that are universal to every person in any country. As a democratic country, America has to uphold the right of every person in America. This human rights are many and are contained in the constitution of America. Although the human rights are very essential to the lives of the citizens, ones right should not be used to curtail another person's right. For instance, as the first amendment grants the right to freedom of speech, this right should not be used to demean another individual. This new found freedom is meant to help people articulate their grievances but not to use the freedom to racially abuse or demean other people religions. But everyone stands to enjoy this freedom in a positive way.

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Apparently, when one is denied the freedom of speech he or she may probably be denied the freedom of expression. It is hard for an individual to express him or herself without talking. Human rights go hand in hand in hand. This liberty can only be granted to an individual if the individual is allowed to express his or her thoughts. And this expression of rights is only granted through the freedom of speech. (Leo, John) Many people get blocked on social media because of expressing their concerns about some issue. Social media is meant to precisely communicate about certain issues. What happens when some controversial topics get to be discussed on social media? One may be highly criticized or even get his or her social media account permanently blocked for commenting negatively on gay marriages and lesbianism.

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This clearly indicates that Richard Delgado is in support of enacting limitations that aim at curtailing the misuse of freedom of speech. The minorities in the society deserve to be respected just like the majority. Mr Delgado further explains that "Civil liberties activists, students, faculty and administrators fear that restricting speech in any form is a violation of the first amendment right. The broad ban on certain words is not effective and would limit conversations containing controversial subjects. By this Richard tries to explain that the right of speech should not be limited as it is not constitutionally correct. Web. 25 July 2018. Delgado, Richard. "Hate Cannot Be Tolerated. " Writesomemore. "And The College Speech Police Threaten The Liberty Of Us All. " Free inquiry? Not on Campus (2007): 1.

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