Management under Greatest Recession

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2007-2009 recession was more severe than 1987 and 2001 is because of lack of credit (Eric,). Company connection and the flaws in the financial system make the crisis global. Liquid companies such as General Electric could not operate since the clearing house like Morgan were incapable to lead then affecting the operation and making debt to accumulate. The crises ended in 2010, end the economic began to recover gradually. The economy stabilized around 2014 were increase in employment rate was experienced and the GDP started grew by 20%. The situation continuous until the economic becomes favourable for expansion. Besides the expansion phase, the production and output prices factors simultaneously increases. At expansion phase, debtors are usually in good financial condition to repay their debts; hence interests rates on borrowing increases.

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It helps to increase flow of money in economy as the creditors are willing to lead their money at a higher interest’s rate expecting a high returns. Increases in investment opportunities at the expansion phase enable the idle funds from the individuals and organizations to utilize various investments purposes (Jodi, ). From point O to point Q is the output unit, which is referred to equilibrium output. The maximum profit that the firm can get by 5% is ranging from point O, to point Q. The figure 1, above S represent supply or the supply curve and D represent the demand and is the demand curve, but merging supply is equal to AR. In our case is 5%. The industry attains equilibrium by making MC=MR at 5% and MC cuts MR below 5% to for organization equilibrium.

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The gradual decrease in demand started at these phase because of the increase on prices input. Prices output increase leads to the general increase of the final products, while the individual income remains constant. It also leads the customers to reconsider their expenses. As a consiquence the results of the commodies which are not essential like jewellery, refregeraors and automobiles falls drastically. Phase three Recession There is gradual decrease in demand of various products because of the increase input prices. At trough phase, it is difficult for the debtors to repay their loans reducing interest as a consequence, the bank also lower their leading rate until they face the same situation, increase the balance on chance. At the Third stage, countries output level decrease and employment rates also rises leading the investor’s shay away from investing in the stoke market.

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At these stage several weak industries closes and dissolve while the economic reaches the lowest shrinking level. Last Phase: Recovery. At fifth phase, as seen in the above phase, the economy reaches its limits and once it touches the level, it makes the end of the negative and begins the positive growth (Rajesh, et al. The rate at which the price reducing factors falls is the equivalent reduction rate of the product service. Producers are always able to earn certain amount of money which increase across the stages profit. Some of depreciates capital goods are replaced and maintain by the producers. This increase investments and employment by the organization as the process gains momentum, the economy enters the first phase again marking the complete cycle of a business plan.

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