Marketing in a Project Plan

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Subject Area:Nursing

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This planning helps to reduce the time, cost, quality, changes, and risks and help to work within a budget. Marketing forms an important part in any success of a project (Turner, Lecoeuvre, Sankaran & Er, 2018). In a project that I planned the marketing idea was considered when I was involving different stakeholders and it formed a part of the stakeholder management. I involved every stakeholder in the health sector and wanted my project idea to be made aware to them. According to The Chartered Institute of Marketing (2014), marketing refers to the act of promoting and selling a product and a service and it involves everything that one does in order to persuade the target group. (Turner, Lecoeuvre, Sankaran & Er, 2018) In conclusion, timing of marketing in a project plan is very important and will determine the success of the project and therefore, project marketing ought to be embraced by every project manager.

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