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Her attention getter is based on her ability to recognize her purposes as positive and meant for the benefit of the audience. She also uses a statistical approach while building up towards her thesis which establishes the futility of social efforts towards building a better society while HIV stands as a threat (George, p 389-406). She also initiates a logical approach where one event is meant to lead to the other and another resulting into another (Fisher). For example, she explains that various people have, but she never stood out to voice their suffering. All these arguments are constructed towards the main idea which involves decreasing the levels of stigmatization. For instance, she argues that AIDS is the third killer disease and its impacts can be felt by anyone (Flanagan).

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Even though the user doesn’t use a lot of transitions, we realize that she can point out the relevant factors meant to play a role in identifying the main subject and drawing strong arguments (George, p 389-406). However, the speaker could have included some rhetorical questions while creating supporting statements or even the opening statement. The speaker could improve the organization of his speech by adding a combination of different organizational strategies. As one watches the video, they may realize how the speaker used emotions to try and reach out to his audience for more concerned and focused attention. She does that by identifying the different conditions under which they may find it hard to co-exist (Fisher). Her pathos oriented approach also reaches out to her children and the sadness that could befall her whenever she departs.

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This strategy was widely utilized especially while she tried to advice against stigmatization. She also uses facts and figures to try and persuade the audience that the disease is dangerous and was affecting a significant number of individuals from one region to the other. She did that providing the relevant demographics of the areas affected. Vocal delivery: the spoken representation of the speaker’s arguments is, without doubt, one of the best to ever be witnessed in the field of literature. She was able to adopt a tone that would communicate the first message of the speech to the least attentive member of the audience. One can tell that there is something about her tone that gives the impression of sadness (Zatorre 846-849).

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The blue tone of the speaker’s speech is achieved by implementing a series of pitches that exhibit consistency at some points (Fisher). However, these differences in frequencies are not significant enough to have any impact on the blue tone of the speech. This would have helped her address to be seen as very interesting and engaging. She also doesn’t use her hands or any other part of her body to make illustrations. It appears that she was strongly dependent on her vocal delivery and speech organization. The speaker could also have attained more influence on the audience by applying different facial expressions (Fisher). The impact of her facial expressions could be felt in parts of her speech that expressed more profound sadness than usual.

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