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According to the FBI statistics, the level of violent crimes has reduced since the 90’s but the trend on violence remains the same. Therefore, the government has an obligation of implementing new legislation that can assist in ensuring that the mass shootings minimize or do not take place at all (Haider-Markel & Joslyn, 2001). The right to bear firearms or the gun culture in the US provides individuals with easy access to the weapons of destruction and thus the continued increase of the violence. Research indicates that similar acts of violence that are being experienced currently in the nation are not a niche problem but instead are a representation of activities that have been taking place for a while now. The social interactions, as well as the parent’s upbringing, are crucial in the shaping of a young intellectual.

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Gun violence in most cases is a result of misunderstanding from various categories like politics, ethics and racial differences. In this cases, the shooters usually have an opinion which they believe to be right and they engage in the shooting of other people who have a different view. In such cases of gun violence, reasoning with such individuals becomes difficult (Carter, 2002). Therefore, the government should ensure that they deal with the gun laws to reduce access. Through this, fewer people will have access to guns and thus making it impossible to get involved in such activities. The lives lost are an indication of the importance of reducing any chances of a repeat of such activities. It is essential for people to understand the gun laws and the rights that they offer.

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Through this, people will have a restriction in the determination of the actions that they should undertake and the ones that are not allowed. Gun possession by the citizens is allowed as a means of maintaining their security at all times. Therefore, new legislation should cover changes that reduce the aspect of accessing the guns and introduce criteria whereby a thorough vetting takes place before any issuing of the weapons. For terrorists, schools are a significant target since the government cannot just sit by and watch the young generation get destroyed. Therefore, by using such tactics, the terrorist are assured of a successful mission as they get to achieve what they wanted. There is a healthy relationship between gun ownership and violence, therefore, making it necessary to undertake the necessary precautions that can assist in dealing with the issue.

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Some political events may contain different ideologies, and the enthusiasts may take advantage of such actions and start shooting on people who do not agree with their doctrines. In such political events, people should not be allowed to carry guns as a way of maintaining the security of every individual and at the same time promoting peace through the incorporation of the best ways possible. Behavioral scientists are still researching on the best ways to classify the activities that result in mass violence. Hence it is essential for people to be careful and avoid any provocations that might lead to the undertaking of such actions (Metzl & MacLeish, 2015). It is necessary to uphold such activities, therefore, allowing the people to live harmoniously with one another.

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