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This was a serious issue as more than 80 women in the film industry came out to complain of sexual harassment by Harvey Weinstein, which led to his immediate dismissal from office and from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. Following the dismissal of Harvey Weinstein, the Me Too movement increased in popularity leading to more dismissal of men who had sexually assaulted their employees from all over the world after allegations of sexual harassment were verified beyond reasonable doubt; this came to be known as the Weinstein effect (Tarano, Ana, and Dana Murphy). This phrase was first created by an American Civil rights activist, Tarana Burke, who was keen to create awareness about sexual assault and harassment within the society and especially at the workplace.

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She created the movement in the year 2006 and it slowly began to gain popularity with the development of social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Clearly, the peak of the movement's activities was witnessed in 2017 creating the Weinstein effect and widespread protests against sexual harassment in the workplace. In May 2017, Doming Navarro won a case against 4Earth Farms, a company where she worked under poor working conditions. Since it was her obligation as a worker to alert her superiors of the poor working conditions, the manager lashed out calling the female worker a "slut" and a "whore" in front of her fellow workers. This amounted to sexual assault and harassment from the manager who was found guilty in a court ruling whose proceedings had lasted 13 days with over 20 witnesses testifying to the incident.

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Moreover, a manager in the same organization conducted himself in such a manner that he wanted to forcefully kiss one of the female employees that led to a litigation process for the firm. The firm suffered a fine of $309,000 that was paid to Domingo Navarro. Instead of sharing the horrible experiences on the open social media platforms, the women have been advised to take the matters and pursue justice privately rather than publicly. Also, women can report cases to the police station for action to be taken against the accused persons after a thorough investigation into the claims of sexual harassment. With the worldwide awareness of the #me-too movement and its implications on people who had been found to sexually harass female workers in the workplace, more women got the confidence to reveal their secrets and experiences of sexual assault.

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Numerous high profile persons in government and in the corporate world suffered loss and litigation process, which made the movement stronger and more popular. The Weinstein effect has profoundly affected the United States, Europe and Australia and other parts of the world. However, the non-disclosure agreement would sometimes be appropriate where the victims would not like to be exposed as having suffered sexual assault. This then calls for stricter rules and regulations to ensure that the perpetrators of the crimes face justice whether the victim chooses to settle the matter through public appeal or secretly. Civil Rights Act of 1964 has defined sexual harassment as a form of sex discrimination that is a violation of human dignity in all aspects. The law is encompassed in the wider employment discrimination law that seeks to eliminate any form of gender discrimination and inequality in the workplace with an aim to empower women in al ranks of the society.

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