The Little Black Boy and Tintern Abbey Analysis

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The creative expressive way depends on the poet who is the author of the poem own view and despondency to the activities taking place in the surrounding environment. This poetic response paper tends to cover two responses from different poet and there in the ways there view the cultural issues that have an impact on the society in general. For instance, William Blake Songs of Innocence “The Little Black Boy” is a British poet who focuses collective deviation of the norms to make his poetry have a special taste. About the little black boy, "And I am black" the author focuses on the social issues that exist, thus he created the poem. The author focuses on the social-cultural activities that brought a negative image in the society.

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William Blake Songs of Innocence “The Little Black Boy” In this poem, we focus on the cultural issues that the author who is the poet, was concerned with. therefore, deciding to write about them by expressing them in a poetic way. The author tends to firstly hit on the racial discrimination that had largely been practiced at his time. This issue is still real and present thus, it has an impact on the modern person who reads the poem. Although, the author still needed to make sure that the poem is able to bring out the concepts that all people are equal among us. This is seen in an instance where God mentioned of himself being the sun which is a supernatural being that has an impact on our daily lives.

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it provides us with light, warmth, and hope for the better future. this instance can be recalled in a line "Look on the rising sun their God does live and gives his light and gives heat away. " by this case, light tends to be a metaphor for it can be recognized as the wisdom or knowledge that lies in people’s senses. Therefore, the knowledge the boy is getting by burn face is for the education receiving in order to brighten and become a thinking being. Neighborhood among our society should be a motive for brotherliness amongst us. This is what the poem tends to focus on by treating all people equal with equal opportunities. This should be done even if the other person looks different than you, have a different life status, difference in gender or any.

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According to my personal view, William Blake can be referred as a success in bringing up great ideas and be able to affect the human senses and bring out disputable topics as well as coming up with the equivalent solution to be able to solve the scenery raised in the poem. William Wordsworth “Tintern Abbey" This poem entails the general life of the author in details of the personal influence of nature. The poet sees the beauty and the serenity of the place. the word" five" which is repeatedly severally when the poem opens in a slow, dragging rhythm which tends to describe the weight that separated the author from the scene. The scene seen tends to evoke a person’s life who lives in harmony with nature.

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This is as the scene brings out the beauty of nature. The second section mainly begins with meditations. he expounds on his first vast to the place where he pounded over to the mountains and squirting side to side of the river banks, the picture is widely seen as a reality than the unseen. Nature thereby has received a sad music of the humanity. The poem third sections reveal the kind of doubt. This is as the poet can there as reflecting the reader's mind so as he or she can be able to stand still in firmly justify what is right and what it means. The keenly gives a second thought on whether the influence of nature is in vain but unable to continue.

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In this case the sense of hard work and sublime for supreme power in the light. He delightfulness shows that nature is the nurse, it is the guard and the guardian of the heart as well as the soul. The nature full of beauty and secret sense of reality and full of life receives a different effect from the humans. The poem is concluded on the love of the nature in particular. the meadows, the woods and the mountains full of liveliness. Nature is supreme. In conclusion, the two poems respond to cultural issues expresses in different ways. The poets view the society of humanity to be the host of the cultural issue raised in the poems. The first poem emphasizes on race, gender, social status discrimination as a factor in which the human being should get rid off for the better hope of the planet.

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