Prevalence of Suicidal Ideation in Chinese College Students

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This report will start by discussing the weak family structure and parental relationship as the first cause of suicidal ideation. Students with low-income family structure are more likely to have suicidal thoughts unlike the ones with healthy family relationships. According to the research family, divorces in China have increased from 0. 14 /1000 persons to 1. 85/1000 persons between 1985 and 2009. Providing the unemployed parents with jobs can also reduce the number of Chinese children with suicidal thoughts. Improper parenting style is also another cause of suicidal thoughts among Chinese college students. Improper parenting styles include things like physically abusing their children and beating them up, pressuring them to attain goals and poor parent-children relationships. Chinese parents are very visionary and ambitious so most them find putting pressure on their children to achieve a goal beyond their ability.

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So, because most of the college students are very obedient to their parents, they will strive the goals and if they fail to achieve what they aimed this any lead to suicidal thoughts. 1% of the students in the Chinese college schools are said to have suicidal thoughts unlike most of the other researchers who report that it's 2. This research proves that the female gender is more affected than the male gender. This study found out a relationship with majors as one of the central determiners of suicidal thoughts among Chinese students. It was evident that students who had better relationships with their majors were less likely to have suicidal thoughts than the one who had poor relationships with their majors. Some of the things which students have when they do, not like the major are like having low learning motivation and passion, and also poor academic performance.

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This research, however, put in considerations all the general social factors including friends and dating as a cause of suicidal thoughts. It insists that not only fragile family relationships lead to suicidal thoughts but also peer influence and rejection by friends of opposite sex. Young people usually find it more comfortable to share their problems with their friends compared to their families. This is why friends are significant in college life. When the friends and peers are not there for the student, he or she may feel neglected and lonely and hence start having suicidal thoughts. The ability also causes unachieved set goals in the future. Cognitive impulsive is also highly connected to suicidal thoughts among children in the Chinese colleges.

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The relationship between aggression and suicidal thoughts is not yet well established because there are contradicting statements. At some point, it proved to have a direct relationship while on the other hand, it proved that there was no relationship. Anger and hostility levels have also had an increased rate of suicidal thoughts. This may lead to pressure and stress in finding out ways in which they may use to win. Copying may also be indirect when students want to achieve something parallel or trying to being like someone else. For example, a poor student may be envious of a student who always has much money to waste in the college canteen and find themselves pressuring their parents to provide for the money too.

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