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  Internet use became widely spread and rapid growth was observed in accessing various websites. In the year between 2005 and 2010, the total number of people accessing the internet services doubled and the total number was two billion. There is plentiful evidence that internet application has greatly contributed towards revolution of approximately one trillion healthcare institutions in America. The essentiality of internet usage has been observed in various countries such as Spain and Finland. These countries have made a declaration on internet access being a legal right for multiple citizens. The website developed should be responsive. A website that is responsive it's usually mobile friendly it can easily respond to any device to access the required information. Currently, there is much significant to a website which is responsive.

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In the united state a total population of 60% is using smartphones, 40% own tablets.  Another important aspect of a website, “it should have the modern design”. Second, the competitive struggle between the health institutions. If any known health institution ignores web resources possibilities, it ends up depriving the customer flow compared with a hospital which manifests their full potential on the internet. Therefore the institution lacking the web will have a significant loss. The website usually keeps the patient in touch with the institution.   It’s possible for a health physician to interact with the patient directly and get their opinion. Ensuring patient efficacy to access information from the website is an essential section of the engagement puzzle to the patient.   According to (Robinson et al.

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, 1998), the interaction between the caregiver and the patient using an electronic device to support and receive health information is referred to as "interactive health communication”. The advents of medical internet services have created a new effective channel to get their target audience. This has greatly empowered multiple patients to have the preference where and when they would wish to get treated. The physician social networking oriented sites offer connections, education opportunities as well as crowd sourcing. The exponential growth in accessing any information related to health provides multiple chances to teach, connect and inform professionals  (Silberg, et al. Through the use of the website, the medical physician can easily connect to each other and enhance collaboration between the doctors. For example, the Sermo websites is a medical physician-oriented social networking site that allows connection to all doctors.

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The site also awards doctors who are capable of developing a new drug, medical devices, as well as techniques.  A hospital with a website will always appear professional because of three major aspects. One of them is that the user will be able to get the right health physician easily to get treatment. The patient has got his or her own alternative to choose the physician whom he or she wishes. Second, the user can be able to acquire previous medical records. For instance, the tests results as well as other information related to health. “Hospital Website Development: 5 Reasons Why Your Hospital Needs a Website | Agilie App Development Company Blog. ” Agilie. com, Agilie, 12 Feb. 2018, agilie. com/en/blog/hospital-website-development-5-reasons-why-your-hospital-needs-a-website. com/2016/08/improve-patient-access-health-system/.

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