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Today’s family is more abstract as compared to the traditional family. This thesis is basically true, a traditional family which has for long been accepted because it follows cultural values and norms differ from the modern family by methods, characteristics and duration of eating habits. The context of this research paper is about the modern family meal time. The paper will entail a detailed research samples focusing on the understanding of the study topic. In this scenario, the view of mockumentary television show dedicates a relevant sociological analysis. So why, we must ask ourselves, our family dinners mealtime becoming a dying tradition? What happens during the family dinner gathering? The answer to the questions could include a multitude of reasons; not enough time to actually sit down and eat a meal, or perhaps the meal itself is too much work to prepare, or the members are usually too busy at individual responsibilities to sit together during meal time.

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Whatever the reason may be for the lack of family dinners, it does not excuse the fact that they are extremely important for communication in families and child development. To reiterate the value of why modern family meal time is becoming important, it is necessary to include some additional statistics. The research was conducted across so many households within the United States. Barilla used the quantitative method of data analysis. The meaning of mockumentary family interaction was brought into understanding using sociological analysis. The modern family consist of different family structures with different components. Modern Family consists of more than three different families that are commonly seen in our society. There is three basic families set up. First, we have the physical family which comprises a wife and a husband with their kids.

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Biracial marriages are not frowned upon and it has become common for people to date marry outside their race. The last family structure which modern family embraces is seen as not an ideal family structure, more culture view is as a taboo. The existence of this modern family structure bring a controversial issue, many people do not agree with it. This family structure consists of two gays me and an adopted child. Symbolic representation of two gay couple in our research area demonstrates that our society is becoming more affiliated with the notion of homosexuality. Data findings were triangulated by two linguistics. Triangulation utilizes a concept outside the data for the purpose of verifying the individual data and making a comparison with related data set.

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Findings It was found that nearly two-thirds of the families were more vigilant and could observe a time for dinner, furthermore, all families would be around when they have dinner together, and 71% of recommended that they are happy about the modern behaviours of meal time. To go alongside with this, 52% of parents and children agreed that discussing feelings over the dinner table was easier, and 62% of kids chose family dinners as the best activity over sports, clubs, and lessons, to help them with feelings of safety and security (Decipher). These are only a few of the many positive statistics that have been found in response to the concept of modern family meal time. Such children are usually left to continue playing so that they will be served after their entire family is done with the dinner.

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The value in this, however, is modelling good eating habits and improving children attitude towards their adaptations of uniting with the elders. By being exposed to an entire family eating a meal, toddlers are forced to watch all different types of food being consumed, which in turn helps to broaden children’s diet beyond the “Kids Menu” options. For school-aged children, family dinners serve more as a time to talk about the day, friends, and things they’ve discovered. Manners are also usually enforced during dinner time, and taking part in the simple task of setting the table can give a child a sense of purpose within their family (Lahr, 2005). The purpose of the dinner is more about the family coming together than what you consume, so the focus of the family dinner should be how the time is spent.

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To help with this, there are an endless amount of resources that provide easy tips and recipes for simple delicious meals. The first suggestion that comes to mind is Rachel Ray’s 30 Minute Meals. Recipes for these easy-to-make meals are even available online for your convenience, and will help limit the time you set aside for meal preparation; creating more opportunity for family quality time. Starting with family meals just a few times a week will ensure that it is not too taxing of a task, and will help ease your family into the habit each night.  T. , & Pfitzinger, J.  Keep talking: Daily conversation starters for the family meal. Liguori, MO: Liguori. Rosenstrach, J. , & Skolnick, J.  H.  Family in transition. Boston: Allyn and Bacon.

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