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An important analysis was to look at the content the newspaper was presenting, its readability and what role the newspaper was privileged in the society. Finally, the report presented that despite the paper being bias in some issues, there was diversity in the topics being presented which focused on promoting a democratic nation through justice. History and Circulation The history of Toronto Star dates back in 1892 when a city of about 180,000 people was being served with only six newspaper outlets competed for readers (Levy, 1986). At first, the developers of the paper faced capital insufficiency and business experience, but later, they were able to overcome the challenge. The success of the paper outlasted the anxious feeling of the developers. Atkinson, the Toronto Star still recognized the foundational principles he laid to bring the paper’s vision into a reality.

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With over 105 daily newspaper outlets providing different news to the public across Canada, as well as only 13 papers that provides free services to the public without being paid. The Toronto Star has gained significant readability across the country (Levy, 1986). The Toronto Star faced a dramatic decline of over 40 percent in readership across Canada in 2012. Even though the paper has tried to adapt information move in the 21st century, it was considered biased to some degree. The highlights are a great way to get readers to want to dig deep into the paper. Through such a strategy, they have been able to win a lot of customers at the first site of their paper. Looking at the format of the front page gives you the best possible summary of its entire content.

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Objectives and Political Opinion The Toronto Star is very objective in covering political, social, cultural and economic issues in the country without any manipulations. With the freedom that they have, they have been able to cover controversial political matters in the country boldly. It brings to the knowledge of the public key thoughts on the cabinet and the problems that leaders face. It brings different diverse topics that are within the spheres of the country. The important aspect that the magazine brings in the understanding of the public is the loss of cabinet Luke Perry who succumbed to heart attack. It covers other issues about social lives and the different issues in sports. The news has first considered the issues within the country politics and the loss that has happened.

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Those in the ruling class are misusing the whole aspect of democracy. The news on this particular day is very biased covering a lot about politics. There are different issues about the ruling parties that have been highlighted in the paper. The news gives information to the public concerning different political parties and the rulings that had been made in the cabinet. Key political facts are the main agenda that the paper has considered from the first pages to the rest. Also, the news coverage captures all aspects of social life and the events of every day. There is never any biasedness placed on specific news than others. Considering the freedom that the media house has, they can effectively operationalize every aspect of freedom.

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