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Hence, based on the rate of environmental degradation across the world today, my volunteer project entails raising awareness at a community level, especially among the growing generation on the importance of caring for the environment and its natural resources. The promotion of a healthy environment has been my goal for the community ever since I gained an understanding of how everything in life is connected. My parents value the health of our natural environment and this is the first lessons that I received from them at an early age. There is so much happening today in connection to human activities such as farming, mining, industrial pollution, and water pollution among others. These events are affecting the natural order of the ecosystem by exposing it to great danger.

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It has exposed me to different perspectives and expanded my knowledge on how to work with people. It has helped me build a close working relationship as a team player through my team and meeting new faces. I have gained a high sense of self-management because of the responsibility that comes with my project and those that support me. The project has thus, challenged me to learn to put into practice the skills and strengths I have to create a positive change in my community that will be evident in the future. My aim is to be of service not only to myself, but to my friends, family, and the community at large, and I believe “Save Earth Project” is one way.

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