Myths about families and marriages

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Some of these myths talk about: 1. The past It is a myth that addresses the “good old days” The ideas that we have concerning how things used to look like has been affected much my mass media platforms that have emerged. The mode of behavior portrayed by families presently is the same as the ones portrayed in the past. What is natural Different individuals believe they are aware of what it means by natural as far as families are concerned. They assume that it is natural for people to get married and bear children, so anyone who is not married or in marriage but has not given birth should not be respected. Domestic violence affects the victims, their families as well as it becomes a liability to the society.

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It is good for every one of us to understand and fight against domestic violence, not only for the sake of victims but also for the betterment of the society(Benokraitis, 2015). There are different theories adopted by Benokraitis to explain how they promote domestic violence, such as social learning, feminist, and ecological theories among many more. Social Learning Theory It is a theory that assumes that perpetrators of the crime are not born to engage in violent actions, but the involves themselves in such acts by looking at other people drive some points at home through being aggressive (Siegel, 2005). Such a process of becoming violent is known as modeling of behavior and Benokraitis outlined three sources through which perpetrators learn before becoming violent: 1.

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Comparing and contrasting between African Americans Factors Description African-Americans American Indians Structure of the family • Women served as family matriarchs • Children trace their family background via the line of their mothers, like in the case of African Americans(Matrilineal) • Children trace their family background via the line of their fathers (Patrilineal) • Intact, stable and organized families Marrying and Divorcing • It was not easy for a slave to get someone to marry • The marriages never lasted for a long time because of overworking and high rates of death as a result of deadly diseases • Women are married at the age of 12-15 years • Men married at the age of 15-20 years • Does not have formal ceremonies for marriages • It was easy to divorce, especially among Zuni and other people (Roles) Fathers and Husbands • Male slaves that were mature served as role models for young men • Most of the male slaves were surrogate fathers to different children • Nobody subjects them to slavery neither do they serve as surrogate fathers (Roles) Mothers and wives • Underwent through double exhausting daily routines • They were rarely recognized • They were recognized in the society, unlike the African Americans who underwent a lot of pressure Economical survival • Archaeological evidence shows that some of the African Slaves ventured in entrepreneurship • It is approximately 10% of the veteran American Indian people survived in New England • The ongoing activities by settlers, emerging policies and intermarriage with foreigners drawn their entrepreneuring culture Hardships of the two groups African Americans Most of the families composed of African Americans face economic hardships because of the reduced wage bracket as per the national standards.

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