Negative effects of Sleep Deprivation

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A majority of this population are college students who as a matter of facts deprive themselves to sleep because of many factors. The National Sleep Foundation concluded in their research that most of the students do their errands during the nights and therefore, 60% of the student population sleeps during the day while 30% of them sleep at night as opposed to their recommendation which dictates that adults need between seven to nine hours for a sleep every night. Introduction I had a four-hour sleep during my previous night after I had slept late. Actually I went to bed at 2:40 am, and presumably, I slept at 3:00 am. I woke up and got ready for college. Sleep deprivation is lack of enough sleep over a cumulative period that causes mental and physical effects on the body.

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The distortion in physical and psychological health, in turn, affects the normal routine of an individual to perform tasks (Stedman, 2006). Sleep deprivation is a problem experienced by almost everyone in their lifetime. It does not matter their age, sex or where the location of an individual, all that matters is time management in handling all duties. Sleep deprivation has become a rampant problem to the college students this is because they do tend to make their choice of time management. Thacher shows that both quality and quantity of sleep are associated with academic performance of the college students (Thacher & V, 2000). Hence inadequate sleep makes the student, feel a lack of motivation for their schoolwork. Thinking is a process of the brain.

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If it is interfered with, consolidation of memory occurs, and learning process is sabotaged (Thacher & V, 2000). Mental damage; sleep disturbance often includes irritability, reduced vigilance and lack of energy (Vallidoet al. Sleep deprivation can lead to high blood pressure (Marzano, 2010). The damage does not occur that the individual can notice that their body has been damaged due to lack of sleep. Some of the body organs function like the cellular repair and memory processing needs quality sleep so that they can perform well. Without enough sleep, their processes are incapacitated thus damaging the immunity of the body. Since the immunity is destroyed and is weak from fighting back external bodies, contraction of infections by individual increases(ALDabal & BaHammam, 2011). Individual prefer doing their work rather than having a quality and quantity sleep.

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Greed for money and extreme luxury is hurting the community that we live in. Impaired judgment; when an individual is not alert for a long time, it is a sign of not getting enough sleep. This makes a student not to concentrate and be keen in class which causes an individual to attain lower grades. Such cases occur when a student involved cannot make a difference between what is good for her or him. This is common during examination time when they stay awake the whole night studying. These students also fail to get adequate sleep because they play games, watch soccer, serve the internet, have fun or just take drugs. They hit into the sleeping time without even noticing it.

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