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Customer-to-Customer Interactions: Broadening the Scope of Word of Mouth Research, Journal of Service Research, Vol. 13, No. 3, pp. Summarized by: your name Introduction on the Article In the recent past years, a lot of emphasis has been made on the importance of the customer-to-customer interactions as a marketing tool that can boost the performance of the firm. A growing attention in the significance of C2C interactions led to the formation of Word of Mouth Marketing Association, which has substantially led to increase in the number of publications regarding C2C interactions both in the trade and academic contexts. Another objective of the study was to create an insight into the environment in which the C2C interactions take place and shade more light about the consequences associated with consumer engagement and how this engagement is supported by the social system.

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Another significant objective of the research was to show the measurement of the business outcomes associated with C2C connections through identification of the challenges and customer-level interactions modeling. It also provides tools that can help researchers to enhance their aptitude to study the difficult nature of the dynamics of C2C interactions. All these objectives are aimed at identifying the knowledge gaps in understanding C2C interactions and offer suggestions for further studies. Theoretical Arguments All the work discussed in the paper is based on the premise that C2C interactions are going to play a key role in the corporate setting and it is the purpose of the authors to produce new philosophies and inspire further research in the field.

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It is therefore important to understand the differences in the magnitude and nature of the effects between offline and online C2C interactions. Another notion established by the authors is that B2B organizations are increasingly working to formalize the process through which their consumers offer out referrals to others. Also, the research about C2C interactions in B2B environments is very limited and how they are different from the B2C environment. The authors also state that C2C interactions take place in the context of social networks that form a social system. It is the dynamics and structures of the social networks and the system that affect the C2C interactions. The study therefore recommends that the two should be separately examined through statistical models to enable the marketers understand the magnitude to which C2C supplements or even substitutes for the traditional data.

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Some of the models that can be used range from the simple TalkTrack WOM monitoring software, to ComScore Media Metrics, to more complex Vector Autoregressive models (VAR). The research was limited by the inadequate availability of information regarding the interaction between the traditional WOM and C2C interactions in the context of business environment and how they work to influence the consumers. Owing to the under-exploration on the classical side of information transfer, the authors provide various research directions that need to be followed by the scholars who wish to further the research in this field of C2C interactions to generate clearer understanding and knowledge about the topic to help organizations enhance their relationships with customers. Other relevant researches have been carried out to show how C2C interactions affect business.

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