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Addiction is a mental problem that affects the brain and behavior. Some drugs were used as medicine, part of social celebration and feast, a means of conflict resolution and for spiritual purposes. Since my son became drug addict, my family has suffered so many immoral behaviors. These immoral behaviors include violence and fights, suicide, families and employment problems, Injuries and accidents property damage, problems with police and many other immoral behaviors are as a result of drug abuse. My cousin engaged in so many immoral behaviors which include; stealing, physical and sexual abuse is very common among the youths who use drugs which may lead to early pregnancies. When youth start taking abusing drugs at early age they may end up missing classes in school.

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They will be dogging classes for drug abuse and finally fail in their exams. Addicted youths may become thieves in order to get money which sustains their needs. Once an individual is addicted, he/she cannot work without drugs this will make those youths who cannot afford even steal to quench their thirst The Genetic inheritance shows that drug abuse use run in families such that if a person is addicted there is a greater possibility of developing the disorder compared to their peers. The interaction of many genes is believed to enhance the development of the disorder. Psychological symptoms occur when an individual abuse drugs for long time. My son had the desire to stop abusing drugs but unable to do so.

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The individual spends a lot of time recovering from withdrawal symptoms. The person fails to fulfill major role obligations due to drug abuse. The individual recognizes that drug abuse is leading to or worsening psychological or mood related problems but continue to use anyway. Treatment is the word that is always related to the medical view of a problem. Drug abuse disorders are very resistant to treatment until a person is ready to change. Most problem and dependent addicted persons who do change at some point, with or without treatment. Many people change even if they are considered to be heavy addicts of the drugs with no help. Research analysis shows that most individuals with drug abuse disorders do not go for treatment, though they know that they have a problem.

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Assumptions of effectiveness are not adequate. Prevention involves taking steps to stop drug abuse from happening. There are four levels of prevention (National Native Alcohol Prevention Foundation, 2000): Primary level of drug abuse prevention involves the government and public health actions that are taken to provide the knowledge, awareness and social/economic environment that enables individuals and society to be free of alcohol-related problems. Secondary level of drug abuse prevention involves the identification of risky drinking and preventing individuals in the early stages of drinking and providing the guidance for individuals to make changes. Tertiary level of drug abuse prevention is where treatment takes place, which may involve any of the methods stated earlier, with the purpose of preventing continued problems. and K.

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