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However, with the introduction of medication such as ARV which helps to prevent the spread of the virus, the disease has become manageable. Among other drugs is a combination of elvitegravir and tenofovir which are used to manage HIV type 1. Some of the drugs, even though useful can have serius side effects such as Genvoya which leads to lactic acid in the bloodstream. New treatments for HIV/AIDS HIV/AIDS is a viral disease that has been reported to damage the body immune if not detected and treated. The immune system of the body fights any possible danger that is posed to body organs. If an HIV infected person starts treatment early, the spread of the virus in the body is usually stopped and might not be diagnosed with AIDS.

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HIV/AIDS can be managed even though no cure has been found. HIV/AIDS prevention There are newly approved drugs to manage HIV/AIDS. Prophylaxis (PEP) is a preventive drug which is to be taken by anyone who might have been exposed to HIV/AIDS (Smriti & Marfatia, 2011, pp. If this drug is taken before 72 hours of exposure to the virus, one might not be infected with the virus. A person is said to be infected with HIV/AIDS if the results of the test are positive. Upon diagnosis, the victim undergoes several HIV tests to determine the level of virus spread in the body. Viral load and CD4 count tests are done before the HIV medication is started. Viral load is done to determine the amount of HIV virus blood in the body while the CD4 count is done to measure how far the virus has damaged the immune system of the victim.

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HIV treatment is started whenever a diagnosed patient is ready to receive it. A person can get drug-resistance HIV infection or the body can develop the resistance at the beginning of medication. The resistance test is done to determine which regimens can be used in the combination of a dose. Drug resistance that comes after a person starts receiving treatment can be avoided by taking HIV drugs at the exact stipulated time. Side effects Just like any drugs, ARVs have side effects. Even if they might not be severe, if they are persistent, the patient is supposed to alert the healthcare profession to be given a different combination of dosage. The regimen in Genvoya called tenofovir lowers the level of drug in the blood circulation.

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It at the same time speeds up the drug circulation in the blood in the patients at HIV-1 where the virus is meant to multiply (Sashindran & Chauhan, 2016, pp. This regimen is meant to reduce the level of Genvoya side effects in the body. Genvoya is said to decrease the level of kidney detoxification, as well as bones weight gain. Patients taking this dosage have been reported to increase body weight and gaining muscles compared to patients receiving other HIV medications who mostly lose weight suddenly upon the start of treatment. If infected, treatments like ARVs and Genvoya should be taken with the help of a health profession to suppress the spread of the virus in the blood. These drugs have side effects like nausea and fatigue.

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