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They may also join so as to be able to prepare themselves for some other studies such as law or medicine. One may also join a college so as to study a certain subject of interest to one or to study a certain sport. A young person who joins a college so as to study a certain sport is likely to face fraught with practical, financial, and also legal complications. Some organizations are formed with the aim of protecting the rights of the student-athletes from being misused by the institution. However, what may be used as a cure may also be the cause of a certain complication; in this case, these organizations that are formed so as to fight for the rights of the athletes are also the same one that violates these rights.

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The author of this book utilizes the findings of three economists, Rascher, Nadel, and Schwarz, whose work laid the foundation for the crisis that is currently being faced by N. C. A. A business model. What catalyzed the three economists in criticizing this nonprofit organization is due to the fact that schools, television networks, coaches, as well as conferences make a lot of money while athletes just get a small share of the profits made from their efforts. When the organization got convinced that the athletes needed to be protected from corruption influence of money, measures to protect them from this made it even worse than how it is was as the protecting body is earning millions of dollars from it.

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This, therefore, reveals to the reader how what may seem to be right may turn around and be the worst ever. This therefore fits in the thesis statement where what may be regarded as a cure to a certain illness may turn around and be a cause of another illness. Due to the lust from this organization, college sports have become more lucrative and even the players are being denied a basic compensation after their scholarship which has been pulled for no any pertinent reason and without any explanation being done. The book explains how this was applied to this organization. “ESPN paid the N. C. A. A. 3 billion for a 12-year contract to air the college football playoffs starting in 2014” (Nocera & Strauss, 45).

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C. A. A was involved in. The rules that were governing this organization were doing what cartels usually do. Through this work, one is also able to gain N. A. A was not concerned with modeling students but making money out of their efforts. From this book, readers are able to gain some legal education. One is able to learn the difference between Supreme Court rulings concerning matters to do with paying assistant coaches together with dicta in matters concerning the theoretical value of amateurism. This enables one to explore the world in the due process, “the idea that people have legal rights that the state must respect, including the right to defend themselves when accused of wrongdoing" (Nocera & Strauss, 74). C.

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