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For instance, it only identifies the countries that tested or used nuclear weapons before 1968 as the more legally authorized nuclear states. Any country or state wishing to be part of the treaty is required to forgo any nuclear weapons they possess. This means that a newly declared nuclear weapon state has less weapons and powers compared to the existing countries. The United States of America, Russia, China and Japan are among the countries recognized as nuclear weapon states. This makes developing countries like India and Pakistan feel threatened since they have powerful weapons but are not allowed to use them. Russia, formerly known as the Soviet Union produced their first bomb in 1949. They tested it in Kazakhstan a remote area within Russia.

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The two countries began competing on who would produce the most powerful and effective nuclear weapons. This led to the development of the most powerful bomb known as the thermonuclear or H bomb since it was made of hydrogen. Literature Review. Barry and Victor are the authors of the “Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons: Opportunities for Control and Abolition” article. It provides a clear outline of the nuclear weapons, control and abolition. It begins with the dangerous effects and threats brought about by nuclear weapons. The author states that the national governments in collaboration with other non-governmental organizations should focus on controlling proliferation. This means that every individual in the world has a role to play in order to ensure that issues of mishandled nuclear weapons are avoided or cleared.

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The possible effects that could arise from the new weapons were prevented by Congress’ efforts (Levy & Sidel n. p). The third and final dimension is the advanced level of horizontal proliferation. This occurs when people from a country that is popular at making nuclear weapons use them against their country’s will. An example is when terrorists use bombs made by citizens from their country to kill innocent people. org n. p). The Hiroshima bomb alone had a radius of up to half a mile. The heat from the bomb vaporized people within this radius instantly. The rest of the lives were lost due to the radioactive fallout that followed the bomb. This excuse springs discomfort among other countries which tend to initialize their own nuclear weaponry programs.

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The United States, which is among the nuclear countries, is led by a principle which highlights a belief allowing them to keep nuclear weaponry. They believe that weapons are not evil. They are only evil if in the hands of evil people. The cost of maintaining these dormant weapons can be very high. If such a small squabble could be so catastrophic, now picture a nuclear war between two nuclear giants, let’s say Russia and China. The results of such a war could see the end of all civilization as we know it. If a nuclear was to start today it would drug us back to the early Stone Age. The only difference being that the amount of environmental degradation that would occur during the bombing would leave earth either inhabitable or totally end all civilization.

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If it was the earth just destroyed but there were traces of humans they would live in deplorable conditions with no access to education, no electricity as the electromagnetic pulse from the bombs would destroy the power transmission cables. Though this policies are biased towards the United States, The soviet republic of Russia, china, United Kingdom and France. These five countries are allowed to continue nuclear weaponry research while other countries are not. This bias could make other countries feel threatened and react like North Korea. This could mean that that fewer countries would feel less inclined to avoid manufacture of nuclear weapons and for personal protection these countries may as well develop nuclear weapon manufacture programs. Works cited Levy Barry & Sidel Victor.

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